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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Stone Gossard In Conversation with Chad Smith

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, Chad Smith, has an interview series on Music Radar, and this week he sat down with Stone Gossard for over an hour long conversation.  No new news here, but it's a great conversation about how the Chili Peppers supported Pearl Jam in the early days, how Pearl Jam has grown over the years, and various side projects and one-off shows that Stone has been involved in.  At least one of those shows achieved an unsustainable level of awesomeness.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Mudhoney: The Sound and the Fury From Seattle

Earlier this week, we told you about a Mudhoney documentary featuring Jeff & Stone, now ... the book.

Spin Magazine has an exclusive exerpt from Keith Cameron's Mudhoney biography due out later this month (March 21st).  Jeff and Stone's history with Mark Arm and Steve Turner will obviously gain mention, but the exert from Spin talks about the band's touring with Nirvana and Pearl Jam and the lessons they learned during that tour.  Here's a snippet, but head over to Spin or buy the book for more.
"You didn't really know what the other one thought," says Arm. "You could make up all sorts of stuff in your head that might or might not be true. The perception at the time was that Pearl Jam was a sellout major label band and Nirvana was the band that came up through punk rock—which was a crazy myth, but that's the way things were. Jeff was in a hardcore band, he had a fanzine, he was more involved in the punk rock and hardcore scene than Kurt Cobain ever was. And Stone and Jeff were in Green River, which was on Sub Pop. The roots are just as deep."

"Our shows suck," says Dan. "We have a good time, but the audience don't wanna see anybody except for Eddie. Fair enough. They didn't boo us by any means, but they just sit there and politely wait for their Eddie to come out. But that tour was a gas. Pearl Jam's a band you could look at as a model of how to do things properly in the rock world. They treat people with respect, they surround themselves with straight-up, honest people."

Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm Now: The Story of Mudhoney Features Interviews with Stone and Jeff

Earlier this month, King of Hearts Productions, released a Mudhoney Documentary called I'm Now: The Story of Mudhoney.  The movie features interviews from Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard who were in Green River with Mark Arm and Steve Turner in the pre-Mudhoney/pre-Pearl Jam days.

Check it out.  You can purchase the DVD here or check out reviews and deleted scenes on the official website.
This documentary tells the story of Mudhoney from their very beginnings, to following them on their recent world tour and everything in between. Complete with testimonials from friends, music industry veterans, and musicians such as Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard & Jeff Ament, Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore & Kim Gordon, Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil, and Mudhoney themselves, this movie shows the true story of the founding fathers of Grunge (please do not describe Mudhoney as the founding fathers of Grunge).

Friday, December 20, 2013

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2013, #6


When Stone announced that he would be releasing Moonlander in June, he didn't call it an album.  He called it a project.  Moonlander is a great showcase of all the musical influences that have been kicking around in Stone's brain.  Is it a rock album?  Is it folk rock?  Is it rock folk?  Is it funk-inspired, country-breathed, neuvo-folk, blues rock?  It's a great album that showcases Stone's skills and vocals more impressively than Bayleaf or any Pearl Jam song featuring him on vocals.

Moonlander is more than great music though.  Moonlander was an experiment in art and inspiration, and it's release would serve as a template for Pearl Jam's release of Lightning Bolt.

Each Moonlander track was paired with a piece of artwork created by Stone's daughter, and each day for over two months, the Ten Club treated us to one song and one new piece of artwork.  The songs came via SoundCloud, and although you couldn't download them, they could (and still can) be played ad nauseaum for free.

Then things got super weird.  Each piece of artwork was turned into one plush doll which was awarded to a different fan each week for tweeting messages about the album.  Then on release day, fans could purchase  signed prints of the artwork with their digital download.  Moonlander was, without a doubt, the test case for keeping fans screaming for an album for months both before and after its release.


I'm not sure any of us would have known to ask for 40 minutes of non-stop drumming by Matt Cameron , Zach Hill (Death Grips/Hella) and Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney/Wild Flag), but I'm glad someone knew we wanted it.

In August, Jackpot Records dropped a surprise drum collaboration by the three friends on vinyl called Drumgasm.  The album has one track per side, both 20 minutes long, and both chock full of free form, jazz-rock drumming.  The whole album was recorded with no plan in a rented studio over a weekend, the way rock is supposed to be!  If you can't commit to the vinyl release, go grab the MP3 at Amazon.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2013, #8


Every year since 2009 has be "The Year Grunge Returned," so reissues of quintessential 90's albums have been common.  This year was no different.

In April fans were treated to a Deluxe reissue of Mad Season's Above.  The package included three discs. The first of which contains the original album, an acoustic interlude by Mike McCready, three tracks (Locomotive, Black Book of Fear, and Slip Away) that were recorded for the band's never-released second album with vocals added by Mark Lanegan, and a remix of the Lennon cover, I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier, from the 1995 tribute album, Working Class Hero.  A second disc contains the band's performance at Moore Theater in Seattle on April 29, 1995 (featuring an appearance by Mark Lanegan).  The last disc is a DVD of Live at The Moore, remixed and remastered and newly edited by director Duncan Sharp, a full concert of the band's performance from New Years Eve 1995 at RKCNDY in Seattle, and both performances from Self-Pollution Radio (one newly edited).

For Record Store Day, which followed quickly after, Monkeywrench Records released limited 10" singles of River of Deceit/I Don't Know Anything (live) in red or blue vinyl and a double vinyl release of Above (with the Lanegan songs and I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier).  There have also been some white vinyl singles of Locomotive and Black Book of Fear floating around independent record stores.

All in all, there was a full-court press of media and merchandise to keep both Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains fans drooling.

Brad continued the reissue schedule that began last year with Welcome to Discovery Park.  This year in September, they reissued both their debut album, Shame, and their sophomore effort, Interiors.  The two albums make a great example of how albums turn out differently when a band rushes out an album and when they take time to think, compose, and produce.  Both albums are great in their own right.

Both were available remastered digitally, on CD, and on vinyl (the Interiors bonus material, Séance and Heaven Help, included as a 7" single with the purchase of the record).  When the band originally signed up with the Razor and Tie label, they announced that their whole catalog would be reissued.  Could that mean that next year we'll be featuring Brad Vs. Satchel and Best Friends?, the latter of which is only three years old?  Well, we'll see.


This year also saw a reissue of Soundgarden's first album, Screaming Life/Fopp on CD and translucent blue vinyl, and if you have been following Mike McCready since middle school, you probably picked up a reissued single by his first band Shadow (sold out on vinyl).

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brad's Interiors (2013 Reissue): The TSIS Review

Interiors is a rock album.  I feel the need to make that statement because I had to use a thesaurus to write my review of Shame being that it transcended categorization.  No so here.  Sure, Shawn lays down some gorgeous vocals and piano, but his soul is second fiddle to the rock. In fact, that's not the only way that Interiors differs greatly from its predecessor.

As much of a fan as I am for albums cut on the fly (The Black Keys' Rubber Factory, Mojo Nixon's Horny Holidays), Interiors benefits greatly from time.  There was no need to jam work in between Pearl Jam shows.  By 1997, Pearl Jam and Satchel were between albums.  There was time to write.  There was time to tweak.  There was time to bring in a Who's Who list of Pearl Jam collaborators (Nick DiDia, Brendan O'Brien, Mike McCready).

Interiors eases back on the piano and pushes forward with the guitar and drums.  Looking over the liner notes, I think, "of course, Mike McCready and Brendan O'Brien pick up guitars so they're gonna rock out," but as I listen to the album, the songs they helped out with are the songs where the blues influence holds strong.  And for those of your concerned, only one of the four songs mixed by O'Brien fade out.

For real headbanging fun, try Lift, Sweet Al George, and Those Three Words, but for all the moves toward rock, Brad holds onto their sound with The Day Brings, Some Never Come Home, and Gossard's favorite, I Don't Know.  The remaster brings out the additional musicians and production that went into this album.  If it was your favorite before (and I don't see how it wasn't), it'll blow your mind in entirely new ways now.

As for the two bonus tracks Séance, featuring Stone on vocals and ... oh yeah, ... a bicycle horn, is a great, fun track that showcases Stone's penchant for exploring new styles and genres, and Heaven Help is a soulful, soft lament that will make you lament the fact that Brad didn't put it on the album.

Brad's reissue of Interiors is available in CDvinyl, or through iTunes.  T-shirts and reissues of Shame and Welcome to Discovery Park are also available at MerchNow.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brad's Shame (2013 Reissue): The TSIS Review

It's safe to say that Buttercup is not the song I was expecting when I walked out of Quonset Hut in Akron with my fresh, new copy of Shame by this new band with Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam.  Shawn Smith's soulful piano and vocals took the lead, leaving me to remark, "Hey, this doesn't sound like Pearl Jam."  And of course, it doesn't.

In the liner notes of the newly reissued and remastered Shame, Stone tells rock journalist Amy Sciarretto:
"We came up with something that sounded so different than what any of us or other people expected from something I was associated with."
Putting this disc back into my player drives me back to a time when Stone just strutted in place on stage, nodding happily to the cool, blues/jazz/funk/R&B ... y'know what, Brad can't really be nailed down that easily.  Though Stone may have been the major draw to this band in 1993 (not to discount Satchel fans, but they just weren't the numerous back then) he often plays a supporting role for Shawn Smith's vocals and piano (Buttercup and Screen) or to Toback's bass like in 20th Century, which marks a turn in the album to even more blues and soul inspired songs like Good News and Bad for the Soul.  When he does take the spotlight, like in the sweeping riffs of Nadine, it might be hard to flesh out.

Down and Rockstar stretch the band even further with obvious influences by Alice In Chains.  You'll have trouble keeping pictures of Layne Staley out of your head while Smith groans the word "down" in a spiral of emotion.

Today Brad is easily a fan-favorite side project likely due more to Shawn Smith's prolific recording career and honey-sweet voice than any particular songwriting or guitar prowess on Stone's part.  Fans who will surely flock to own the crisp remaster of the album wrapped in Regan Hagar's new art concept (the original artwork is preserved inside the blindingly neon packaging) or to own the album on vinyl which has long been out of print.

Brad's reissue of Shame is available in CD, vinyl, or through iTunes.  T-shirts and reissues of Interiors and Welcome to Discovery Park are also available at MerchNow.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Stone Gossard, Writer/Composer

Given that he shares writing credits on Infallible and Pendulum, I think Stone sells himself short by calling Let the Records Play his "main contribution in terms of songwriting."

Stereogum published a great interview with Stone Gossard today highlighting his contributions to Lightning Bolt, and they sum him up nicely.
There’s a good chance Stone Gossard doesn’t entirely get the credit he deserves. He’s probably best known for his role as rhythm guitarist of Pearl Jam, but such a distinction overlooks the length and complexity of the guy’s resume. It dates back much further than Pearl Jam, to Mother Love Bone, and to Green River before that, a band sometimes credited with inventing grunge. Even within the context of Pearl Jam itself, with such a visible frontman as Eddie Vedder, it’s all too easy to underestimate Gossard’s influence.
Stone also talks a little about his writing technique.
I do a lot of writing at home with the guitar and that’s just when you get fifteen minutes or everybody leaves the house or you have too many cups of coffee and you just go up to your little room and you play for a while. I’ll record to my iPhone, and after I get a handful of those I have a studio that I’m able to use and I’ll book time with my favorite engineer. I can go in there and re-demo the demos to get them at least up to speed, get them recorded someplace other than just my phone. You flesh them out a little bit, add some instrumentation to them, and see what they can be.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Stone Gossard Vignette with Infallible

Pearl Jam's latest vignette includes Stone creating some charcoal art over the sounds of Infallible. It's our first listen to that song, so it's an exciting day when we get new art AND new music.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Brad's Shame and Interiors Now Available for Pre-Order

Brad has announced the re-issue of their first two albums, Shame and Interiors, now available for purchase at their Establishment Store and Merch Now.

These are part of a plan by Brad's label, Razor and Tie, to reissue the band's full catalog.  Currently, there is a bevy of options available.  You can get the albums on CD, vinyl, with a t-shirt, or bundled with other albums.
Set for release September 30th 2013, the esteemed albums will feature new artwork created and freshly re-designed by Brad drummer, Regan Hagar. Both Shame and Interiors will be available on CD (in digi-soft packs) and gatefold vinyl.

The CD re-issue of Interiors features two bonus tracks, ‘Séance’ and ‘Heaven Help’ (both previously unavailable in the U.S.) while the vinyl edition of Interiors will include and feature the same bonus tracks via a separate, 7-inch, special edition pressing contained within the gatefold. As an added treat, the Interiors vinyl will also include for the time ever, all the original studio recording intros from the band members prior to the start of each song. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Moonlander CD, Vinyl, and Posters Now Available

Happy Moonlander Day!  The Ten Club now has Stone Gossard's Moonlander available for purchase as a CD ($10.99) and LP ($24.99), domestic shipping and handling is $8.01.  At the time of this writing, the digital download has disappeared, but I'm assuming that will return soon.

You can also purchase posters of several of the prints by Stone and his daughter for $50.  Each includes an MP3 download of the album.

If you missed Beyond Measure this weekend on Pandora, you can check it out below.
"I liked the idea of a modern gospel song about the unknowability of divinity. Like punk gospel? The form of a gospel song holds the spiritually so the words could be less traditional." - Stone

Monday, June 24, 2013

Evil Little Goats Episode 3: The Stone Gossard Interview

Stone Gossard performing with Green River in 2008. Photo by Travis Hay
From Travis Hay:
For the third episode of Evil Little Goats we broke out the big guns and had our first guest on the show (sort of). 
Stone Gossard’s sophomore solo album, Moonlander, will be released tomorrow (June 25) and not only has the third episode of Evil Little Goats has been dedicated to Stone in order to mark the occasion, we’ve got an interview with the man himself. 
Regular Guerrilla Candy readers will remember that I interviewed Stone back in April when he was doing promotion to advance the album. And while Evil Little Goats is still very much in its infancy, we decided to go big for episode 3 which is simply titled The Stone Gossard Interview.  
Yes, that’s right, you can hear my interview with Stone during this episode. Not only does he talk about the status of the new Pearl Jam album and whether the band plans to perform a concert in Seattle any time soon, he also talks plenty about Moonlander, his songwriting process and whether he plans to play any solo shows to promote the album. 
Give the episode a listen below. It’s the first, and possibly only, time we’ve (sort of) had a member of Pearl Jam on the podcast. And as always feel free to reach out to us at Evil Little Goats via email or by commenting below. And if you missed the first two episodes of Evil Little Goats you can give them a listen over here.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Moonlander, Track 11: Beyond Measure

A couple of days ahead of Tuesday's official release, Stone tweeted a link for streaming Moonlander via Pandora.  It includes the final track that we've been waiting for, Beyond Measure.  Don't wait for Tuesday, enjoy the whole album right now!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Moonlander, Track 10: Witch Doctor

The tenth track, Witch Doctor, from Stone's album, Moonlander, has just hit SoundCloud.
"It’s an explanation of how I live my life, or how I ended up in the position that I am in. When a positive outcome occurs for me, I often can't point to a specific set of skills to account for it. Which is how I think of witch doctors. There's no specific book or formal education process that qualifies someone to be a witch doctor. There's some magic to the process, something intangible. I'm celebrating whatever that is in myself and others who might not feel like they can't easily identify their strengths or place them into one particular category." - Stone
Check it out below.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Moonlander, Track 9: Bombs Away

Stone has just release the 9th song from his Moonlander project, Bombs Away.
"I was thinking of "bombs" as a metaphor for "secrets" when I wrote this song. Secrets are dangerous things that almost always become known. And when they do, explosions and damage follow." - Stone
With the release also comes our first look at the album cover (which looks very much like you may have expected) and the news that you can pre-order the full album at iTunes for $9.99.  Those of us hoping to purchase a physical album or pull down lossless digital tracks will continue to wait for more news.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Alive & Well

Alive & Well Trailer from joshtaft on Vimeo.

In today's newsletter, Pearl Jam spotlighted
Alive & Well
, a documentary directed by former Pearl Jam video director, Josh Taft (Evenflow and Alive), and produced [at least in part] by Stone Gossard about the global effort to find a cure for Huntington's Disease.  Stone says:

This film is so moving, so beautifully constructed, shot, paced, heartfelt, and in the end, uplifting. Still reeling from the feelings it stirred in me. My deepest and loving congratulations all those involved in the making of this film.
The film features music from Pearl Jam, as well as Fleet Foxes and Sigur Rós, and "subjects in the film range from a young woman hoping to start a family, to a mother taking care of her symptomatic 6 year-old son and ailing husband; the drummer of a major country music band, a former NBC News journalist turned HD-advocate, as well as a renowned scientist relentlessly searching for a cure. Far from giving us a hopeless glimpse into life with terminal illness, Alive & Well reminds us all of our ability to persevere with strength, despite life's most difficult challenges."

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Moonlander, Track #8: Remain

Stone released the eighth song from his Moonlander project, Remain.  Today also marks the official release of Moonlander's second digital EP, Luna, now available on iTunes.  Three more songs/weeks and the full LP will release on June 25th.

Check out the song here.

"Remain is a song that was written about an important friendship in my life, one that provided me with a lot of spiritual fulfillment. The state of that friendship has changed since the song was written, but in some ways, it makes even more sense now." - Stone

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Moonlander, Track #7: I Don't Want to Go to Bed

Tuesday is Stone Gossard Day, thus we get track #7 from Moonlander, I Don't Want to Go to Bed.  Check it out below.
"This song came from a darker place than the other songs on the record. In terms of the lyric, it’s a straight metaphor for leave me alone, lock the door, and don’t tell me what to do." - Stone