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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Given To Cast, 2/28/14, Is Now Available

The latest podcast is up! Sorry for the delay.... But over 45 minutes of awesome music all taken from the Dallas Show on 11-15-13.... Enjoy

Show Notes: Opening GTC ID: Kara Knuffman
Music from Dallas, TX show 11-15-13

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2013, #12

Each December, TheSkyIScrape looks back over the passing year to remember all the great Pearl Jam-related news stories and prepare for what is to come in the new year (check out previous years here).  

This year was so amazing, we're having trouble sticking to format, so we begin here at #12.  


Few members of the Pearl Jam Community have fully recovered from the announcement in 2011 that Donny Anderson would no longer be recording episodes of All That's Sacred and although Mario Aguilar continues recording Given To Cast, those episodes do not come quite often enough to satisfy the truly excited Pearl Jam fan.  So, for a while now, there's been an unfilled gap in the Jamcasting world.

Enter Evil Little Goats.  Evil Little Goats is the podcasting brainchild of Travis Hay of Guerrilla Candy and Jeremy Grater of Sibling Rivaly, two music journalists living in Seattle and spending an inordinate amount of time loving Pearl Jam.  It debuted on June 10th with an episode called "Podcast Ledbetter" and releases one hour-long episode per month.

The show's format is essentially banter between Hay and Grater as they discuss Pearl Jam news, music, gossip, and lore.  There is something great about listening in to real, knowledgeable fans discuss the minutia that we all obsess over, and these two bring a knowledge of the industry that many Internet nuts may be lacking when they get into debates about Pearl Jam.  Neither host claims to be an all knowing dictionary, as their Facebook comments may attest, but unless Pearl Jam is your day job, you'll be glad for the resource.  The show is rounded out with a song or two each episode, and the occasional special interview with a member of the band or significant player in the Pearl Jam world.

If you haven't checked it out, it's truly worth your time.  All of the episodes are archived here at Guerrilla Candy.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Evil Little Goats #11 Is Now Available

There were jokes to be made about them making more than ten episodes, but they already beat me to it.  I, for one, and super glad the podcast continues.
And some people thought this podcast would only last 10 episodes …

Okay, to be fair we did continuously say we would only create 10 episodes, but that’s beside the point. What matters is that Evil Little Goats episode 11 is here and you should give it a listen.

During episode 11 of Evil Little Goats, titled “The Glamour, the Squalor, the Pearl Jam” we pick up where we left off with local legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame DJ Marco Collins. We talk about his upcoming film “The Glamor and the Squalor” and Marco shares some wild stories about going to a holiday party at Eddie Vedder’s house, the one time he was told Dave Grohl was kicked out of Nirvana and plenty more awesomeness. Trust me when I say it’s well worth your time. So take a listen and keep your browsers peeled for the next episode of Evil Little Goats, which hopefully will be coming your way soon.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Evil Little Goats #10 Is Now Available

They've been saying 10 was it since the beginning, so I guess this is it.  You'd better enjoy it.  Or maybe they were just blowing smoke up our ass.  Who knows.  Anyhow, description and streaming player are below!
Pearl Jam’s tenth studio album , “Lightning Bolt,” was released this week. But this is something you should already know, especially if you’ve been reading Guerrilla Candy the past few weeks because I’ve been writing a lot about the album.

To celebrate the release of the record, Jeremy and I hopped in the studio to share our thoughts on the album for the tenth episode of Evil Little Goats, titled Daft Pearl Jam, which I must say is the best episode yet. What makes numero 10 so much better than its nine predecessors? Two words: Marco Collins. That’s right, we got our pal radio legend Marco Collins to join us and talk about Pearl Jam. Oh, and we had two more guests make cameo appearances. Who are they? Jeff Ament and Eddie Vedder. Go ahead and give the podcast a listen below to hear Ed’s and Jeff’s contribution to Evil Little Goats’ tenth episode extravaganza.

As for Marco’s contributions, he shares his thoughts on the current state of the band and he also shares some pretty cool stories, including one involving the origin of the photo above. Trust me, you’re going to want to hear that photo’s backstory. It was a real treat to spend some time with Marco — who is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame btw — talking about music. Oh, and did I mention that Marco was the first person to ever play Eddie Vedder’s voice on the radio? Marco’s a pretty humble dude so he won’t admit to it, but I’m just going to outright say it here: Marco is responsible for Pearl Jam’s existence

Friday, October 4, 2013

Evil Little Goat #9 Now Available

The latest episode of Evil Little Goats is now available.
It’s been a little while since the last Evil Little Goats episode, but don’t worry fellow Pearl Jam fans we’re back just in time for the release of “Lightning Bolt.” During the ninth episode of Evil Little Goats Jeremy and I discuss the band’s promotion strategy behind the new album, the band’s interview with Carrie Brownstein and the noticeable absence of a one Mr. Vedder during the entire interview, Mike McCready keeping his ax skills sharpened by showing up everywhere and playing onstage with every band imaginable, how I personally influenced the creation of “Sirens” and more. Plus, we play selections from two of Pearl Jam’s Vault series.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Evil Little Goats, Episode 8, Is Now Available

The latest episode of Evil Little Goats, Shadow, is now available.
Pearl Jam’s debut album, Ten, turns 22 today and you can celebrate the occasion by listening to the eighth episode of Evil Little Goats, an unofficial Pearl Jam fan podcast. During the episode, simply titled Shadow, Jeremy and I discuss Shadow’s upcoming performance at Easy Street Records (it’s tonight at 7 p.m. btw), Matt Cameron’s drumtastical new project Drumgasm, Pearl Jam’s Lightning Bolt activity and more. Oh, and in case you’re curious, we actually don’t discuss Ten at all, but we’ll be sure to address that mistake on the next episode.
Listen at or below.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Podcasts Available (Evil Little Goats and Given To Cast)

My apologies for letting these slip by, but you can now get the 7th installment of Evil Little Goats and a "new" episode of Given To Cast (7-26-2013).  Stream both below or visit their pages to subscribe.


The latest episode of Evil Little Goats is now live and ready for your enjoyment. During this episode, titled “I’d Rather be with a Lightning Bolt,” Jeremy and I talk about Brendan O’Brien, do a little walk through of Backspacer, discuss Shadow and ramble on about a few other Pearl Jam topics. We do all of this not only because we can, but because this is a podcast about Pearl Jam so it wouldn’t make much sense if we started gushing about our love, or lack thereof, for Mumford & Sons.

GIVEN TO CAST, 7/26/2013

The latest podcast is up with all the new music from Wrigley show and the two demos that were leaked this week. Also, we are joined by show contributor, Joe Little of Come To The Porch dot net with his review of the show and events prior to the concert. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Now Available: Evil Little Goats #6: Wrigley

You can now check out the latest episode of Evil Little Goats.
It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the land of Pearl Jam. First the announcement of a tour, then the release of a new song and an album release date. And last week the band played their only two shows of the summer. On this episode of Evil Little Goats Jeremy and I talk about all of this, plus we play two new Pearl Jam songs that aren’t “Mind Your Manners” and we get a firsthand account of the band’s rather eventful show at Wrigley Field from somebody who was actually there. Oh, and we use the terms “ear boners” and “eruption fingers” a few times for chuckles.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Podcast Recap

Alright, we got so super excited about all these countdowns and stuff that we forgot to post Guerrilla Candy's latest Evil Little Goats episodes.  In the meantime, a new episode of Given to Cast has come out, and there was another episode of the Faithfull Forum (aired on Pearl Jam Radio and hosted by  Now that you're over-exposed to Mind You Manners, take a break and check out Travis and Mario while you come down off the high.  All three episodes that you may have missed are embedded below Faithfull Forum is here.

Evil Little Goats 4: Loosey Goosey

Evil Little Goats 5: The Final Countdown

Given To Cast: 7-12-2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Evil Little Goats Episode 3: The Stone Gossard Interview

Stone Gossard performing with Green River in 2008. Photo by Travis Hay
From Travis Hay:
For the third episode of Evil Little Goats we broke out the big guns and had our first guest on the show (sort of). 
Stone Gossard’s sophomore solo album, Moonlander, will be released tomorrow (June 25) and not only has the third episode of Evil Little Goats has been dedicated to Stone in order to mark the occasion, we’ve got an interview with the man himself. 
Regular Guerrilla Candy readers will remember that I interviewed Stone back in April when he was doing promotion to advance the album. And while Evil Little Goats is still very much in its infancy, we decided to go big for episode 3 which is simply titled The Stone Gossard Interview.  
Yes, that’s right, you can hear my interview with Stone during this episode. Not only does he talk about the status of the new Pearl Jam album and whether the band plans to perform a concert in Seattle any time soon, he also talks plenty about Moonlander, his songwriting process and whether he plans to play any solo shows to promote the album. 
Give the episode a listen below. It’s the first, and possibly only, time we’ve (sort of) had a member of Pearl Jam on the podcast. And as always feel free to reach out to us at Evil Little Goats via email or by commenting below. And if you missed the first two episodes of Evil Little Goats you can give them a listen over here.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Podcast: Evil Little Goats

If you're like me, you still haven't gotten over the loss of All That's Sacred or the All Encompassing Trip call in show, but now we have some good news.  Travis Hay, the Pearl Jam aficionado at Guerrilla Candy, has recently started recording a regular Pearl Jam podcast called Evil Little Goats.
It’s no secret that I’m a Pearl Jam fan. It’s something I try not to hide on Guerrilla Candy. I report on Pearl Jam news, write about Pearl Jam side projects, interview band members, post photos from Pearl Jam-related events and sometimes I even share some critical thoughts about the band (gasp!). In fact, a few years back I almost created a specific Pearl Jam hub page for Guerrilla Candy, but instead I opted to create Pearl Jamblr, a Tumblr dedicated to Pearl Jam that I have neglected quite a bit.

Having all that knowledge, it should come to no surprise that I recently got together with my friend Jeremy from The Sibling Rivalry to create what we’re calling Evil Little Goats, an unofficial Pearl Jam fan podcast (named after this song). Evil Little Goats is a podcast by Pearl Jam fans for Pearl Jam fans and our purpose is to share our passion for Pearl Jam with other fans, discuss our opinions about the band and openly talk about the good, bad and ugly aspects of Pearl Jam fandom.
You can check it out here or below.  There are currently two episodes in the can, and it appears as though it'll be a weekly thing.  Nothing on iTunes yet, but that may be on the way.

Episode One: Podcast Ledbetter

Episode Two: Mind Your Manners

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Given To Cast: 9/16/12

Given to Cast's September 16th episode is now available.

Hey guys! Another episode is up and we have a second interview with Joe Little form Come to The Porch dot net, giving us a review of the Made in America Fest show and pre-party event. He also speaks about the upcoming event this coming weekend for the Deluna Fest in Pensacola Beach, FL. Also, I am doing another Trivia Contest but you have to listen to the show to get the answer. You have until Sept. 25th at 11:59 pm to send in your answers to Good luck and enjoy the podcast!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So ... Gremmie Hasn't Gotten Arrested Yet, who you may look to for great live, b-side, and outtake music by Pearl Jam, has been looking for a cease-and-desist-letter-free outlet for their sometimes raunchy, sometimes illegal, sometimes not-really-all-that-funny humor.  They seem to have finally hit on a podcast idea that may make you laugh, and may even make it past the Pearl Jam lawyers.  Although some of the humor may glaze over the casual fan, die-hard Ten Club members will no doubt feel the pang of truth in some of Gremmie's best barbs.

Check it out and have a laugh, but hurry.  Kelly Curtis is calling his lawyer.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Given To Cast 8-24-12

Given to Casts latest episode, 8-24-2012, is now available.

Latest episode of Given To Cast is up. Have a great interview with Joe Little of Come to The Porch dot net and some more great music from Amsterdam Night I show. Enjoy!

Week in Review
Song(s) of the Week: Amongst The Waves and Indifference Interview with a Fan: Joe Little of Come To The Porch dot net GTC Extra: Black

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Given To Cast: 7/20/12 Is Now Available

The latest episode of Given to Cast is now available.

Are you ready for some more music from the Euro 2012 tour? Well, have we got a show for you... Enjoy!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Given To Cast: 6-29-12

The latest episode of Given to Cast is now available.

The latest podcast is up and chock full of awesome songs from Amsterdam I and II... Now, with 60% less talking and 60% more Jamin'!!! Enjoy!! Special thanks to its211me for all the awesome audio!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Given To Cast: 6-22-2012

The June 22nd episode of Given To Cast is available a little early.
Show Notes:

  • Week in Review - 2012 Euro Tour
  • Song(s) of the Week - "Better Things" (Ray Davies) and "Devil Doll" (X with Eddie Vedder)
  • GTC Extra - "Fell on Black Days" by Soundgarden from Rock Am Ring 2012 show
  • Live Rarites - "Paralyzed" 08-04-2000
  • Extra song - "Rusty Cage" Soundgarden from Rock Am Ring 2012 show

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Given To Cast, Episode 05-04-2012

The latest episode of Given to Cast is now available.

Week in Review Song of the Week: "Live to Rise" Soundgarden 
GTC Extras: Speed of Sound by Pearl Jam and Skipping by Eddie Vedder
Live Rarities: Ball and Chain by Social Distortion w/ Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready
Covered: Just Breathe covered by Willie Nelson

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Given to Cast, 4/6/2012

The latest episode of Given to Cast is now available.

Show Notes:
The Week in Review
Song of the Week - "Constellations" by Jack Johnson w/ Eddie Vedder
Interview with a Fan - Leti from Houston (Wishlist Foundation fundraiser coordinator)
Trivia Contest
Covered - "Everyday People"

Friday, March 30, 2012

Given To Cast - Episode 3-30-2012

Latest Episode is up! Interview with WISHLIST FOUNDATION PRE-PARTY organizer, Melissa Weaver!

The Week in Review
Song of the Week - "Keep On" Star Anna with Mike McCready
Interview with a Fan - Melissa Weaver
(organizer of Wishlist/EV Pre-Party event)
Live Rarities - Someone Else (08-04-2000)
Extra Song: "Around The Bend", Eddie Vedder Solo