Monday, March 30, 2015

The Real Pearl Jam March Madness: The Finals

Two first time finalists compete for the honor of Red Mosquito March Madness 2015 champion.  Make your voice heard!

Do the Evolution vs. Last Exit

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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Real Pearl Jam March Madness: Final Four

And so, we're down to our last four Pearl Jam songs.  None of the songs remaining has ever been a March Madness champion, so this will be a new champion.  Who will move onto take the title?  Only you can say.

Brain of J vs. Last Exit
Faithfull vs. Do The Evolution

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Real Pearl Jam March Madness: Back to the Quarter Finals!!!

Wait!?  Haven't we already voted on the Quarterfinals?  It may have seemed like it.  We may have said that was what you were doing, but March Madness got even more mad last week.  After last week's Elite Eight, we crowned four division champions (kind of like NCAA's conference champions).  Those four songs were Rearviewmirror, Corduroy, Faithfull, and Parachutes.

Now those songs have been tossed back into the mix of a new inter-divisional Sweet Sixteen, pitting new and old songs against each other in a random mix-up.  Now, we've progressed into a new Elite Eight.  Now you can vote for what will eventually become the complete and unquestioned champion of The Real Pearl Jam March Madness!

Corduroy vs. Do The Evolution
Rearviewmirror vs. Brain of J
Faithfull vs. Given To Fly
Go vs. Last Exit

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Real Pearl Jam March Madness: Elite Eight!

We progress into the Quarterfinals with only 5 albums in tow, Ten, Vs., Vitalogy, Yield, and Pearl Jam.  This is the Last Exit.  No use looking in the Rearviewmirror, because we don't have any Parachutes.  It's time for the Faithfull to vote.

Black vs. Rearviewmirror
Last Exit vs. Corduroy
Faithfull vs. Do The Evolution
Severed Hand vs. Parachutes

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Monday, March 16, 2015

The Real Pearl Jam March Madness: Sweet Sixteen Continued

Black, Rearviewmirror, Last Exit, and Corduroy have moved forward to the quarter finals.  Today, you can vote on four more matches in the Sweet Sixteen.  Head to the board now and have your say.

Life Wasted vs. Parachutes
Do the Evolution vs. Brain of J
Unemployable vs. Severed Hand
Given to Fly vs. Faithfull

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Pearl Jam Announces 2015 Latin American Dates

In the official announcement of one of the worst kept secrets ever, Pearl Jam has released nine Latin American dates for their 2015 tour.  If you've got the means, we recommend heading down there, because it's fairly likely that this will be your only chance this year to catch the full band live.
11.04.2015: Estadio Nacional in Santiago, Chile
11.07.2015: TBD
11.11.2015: Arena do Gremio in Porto Alegre, Brazil
11.14.2015: Estadio do Morumbi in Sao Paulo, Brazil
11.17.2015: Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha in Brasilia, Brazil
11.20.2015: Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
11.22.2015: Estadio Maracana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
11.25.2015: TBD
11.28.2015: Foro Sol Stadium in Mexico City, Mexico
Public ticket on sale information will be released by territory. You can find the full list of dates here.

Ten Club Members, be sure to log in to your account and check out the Ten Club Events page for information regarding the Ten Club pre-sale.

The Real Pearl Jam March Madness: Sweet Sixteen

Severed Hand, Life Wasted, Parachutes, and Unemployable are now rounding out the Sweet 16.  Here's how the field looks today.  Gone from consideration is No Code.  NO CODE!  Binaural, Riot Act, and Lightning Bolt have all been eliminated from contention.  Is Avocado a better album than we gave it credit for?

Sweet Sixteen
Last Exit
Long Road
Given to Fly
Brain of J
Do the Evolution
Severed Hand
Life Wasted

Did having divisions separated by different eras destroy March Madness?  Only you can correct the indignities, but you must vote!  The first 4 rounds are up for voting now.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Echo of Miles Comes to Vinyl

On May 19th, Soundgarden will release a 6-LP version of their b-side collection, Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across The Path.  Oh my does it look pretty!  Pre-orders can be placed at SoundgardenWorld right now for $140. The set will consist of six LPs with three separate jackets, each sporting its own unique art and housed in a slipcase wrapped in foil paper designed by Josh Graham.
LP 1 & 2, dubbed “ORIGINALS,” is filled with Soundgarden-written songs, mainly B-sides along with some soundtrack and compilation selections in addition to two unreleased songs on vinyl which go back as far as “Sub Pop Rock City,” originally included as part of the 1988 compilation, Sub Pop 200. The two unreleased tracks are “Kristi,” a 1996 outtake from the Down on the Upside sessions which is reportedly drummer Matt Cameron’s favorite Soundgarden song, and “Storm,” a brand-new track recorded in early 2014.

LP 3 & 4, “COVERS,” offers a stellar showcase of songs from bands who Soundgarden love and admire, from classic rockers The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, The Doors, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix and Sly & the Family Stone to punk pioneers The Stooges, the Ramones, Fear and DEVO. Showing their sense of humor, Soundgarden also cover songs by Spinal Tap and Cheech & Chong. The two unreleased tracks include the Beatles’ “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide…” and the Sly Stone track “Thank You…”, both of which were originally recorded for a BBC Radio 1 John Peel session in 1989.

LP 5 & 6, “ODDITIES,” offer a wide-ranging combination of instrumentals, remixes and demos. The unreleased tracks on vinyl include “Twin Tower,” penned by Matt Cameron, which was originally recorded at Seattle’s London Bridge studio in December 1988 during the sessions for Louder Than Love. “Night Surf” is an instrumental performed by bassist Ben Shepherd which the band used to open their 1994 tour in conjunction with an introductory film which screened before they took the stage. Steve Fisk’s new remix of “The Telephantasm (Resurrection Remix),” a song originally released for 2011 Record Store Day, has also never been available on vinyl before.

A Unique Way of Experiencing Ten is reporting that Black Jacket Symphony will be performing Ten in its entirety in Birmingham on May 15th.  The Black Jacket Symphony says that it "offers a unique concert experience through the recreation of classic albums as a live performance. A selected album is performed in its entirety, by a group of hand-picked musicians, specifically selected for each album. Each musician masters the fine details of the album to ensure it is performed as sonically perfect as it was recorded."

The performance of Ten will be paired with a performance of Nirvana's Nevermind.  After those performances, the group will perform a selection of hits from the bands.

Pick up tickets for $25 if you're going to be in town.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Record Store Day: Touch Me I'm Dick

Pearl Jam proper has not placed anything on the list for Record Store Day, April 18, 2015, but you will find members of Pearl Jam on a special 7" of Touch Me I'm Dick by Citizen Dick.  Citizen Dick is the fictional band from the movie, Singles, consisting of singer Cliff Poncier (Matt Dillon), guitarist Stone Gossard, bassist Jeff Ament, and drummer, Eddie Vedder.

Here is the official description from Record Store Day's website.
7" single of the fictional band Citizen Dick from the Cameron Crowe film "Singles" featuring members of Pearl Jam. Side A is the "Touch Me I'm Dick" and side B features an etching of a quote about the song from Matt Dillon's character Cliff Poncier, lead singer of Citizen Dick

The Real Pearl Jam March Madness: Division 4

Brain of J, Faithfull, Given to Fly, and Do the Evolution have all advanced to the Sweet 16.  Now the Pendulum swings toward the final era.  We've Got Some rough matches again.  If you join the discussion on our forum, please Mind Your Manners, but make sure you vote!

Division 4: Round 5

Army Reserve vs. Severed Hand
Mind Your Manners vs. Life Wasted
Parachutes vs. Pendulum
Got Some vs. Unemployable

How do I vote?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The 2014 Bootleg Box

Pearl Jam has just announced their 2014 Bootleg Box, containing all of the Pearl Jam's 30 2014 shows for $395.  The one's only for the mega-collector, but it sure is pretty.  Head to the Ten Club and pre-order yours now.

Happy Birthday, Jeff Ament!

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Real Pearl Jam March Madness: Division 3

Last Exit, Corduroy, Long Road, and Immortality have all advanced to the Sweet 16.  Now we must ask which song is Given to Fly and which will fade into Insignificance?  Is there an upset In Hiding?  Someone's bound to be Sad.  Yes, it's time to vote!

Division 3: Round 5

Given to Fly vs. All Those Yesterdays
In Hiding vs. Do the Evolution
Faithfull vs. Insignificance
Brain of J vs. Sad

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Pearl Jam Just Stole Our Idea!

Pearl Jam has just announced their own Pearl Jam March Madness.  Although theirs does include a price pack drawing for those who correctly choose the winner, we maintain the Red Mosquito hosts #TheRealPearlJamMarchMadness.  The real question is, how does their choice of 64 songs measure up to the fans?

As you know, The Real Pearl Jam March Madness starts in February with every Pearl Jam song known.  Then the fans whittle it down to a winner.  So, how does the fan chosen 64 songs compare to Pearl Jam's chosen 64?

First, what songs were chosen by Pearl Jam, but got voted out in earlier rounds of The Real Pearl Jam March Madness?

  • Why Go
  • Once
  • Deep
  • Garden
  • Glorified G
  • Dissident
  • Who You Are
  • Wishlist
  • Light Years
  • Nothing As It Seems
  • The End
  • The Fixer
  • Speed of Sound
  • Just Breathe
  • Amongst the Waves
  • Supersonic
  • Force of Nature
  • Future Days
  • My Father's Son
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Yellow Moon
  • Getaway
  • Swallowed Whole
  • Let the Records Play
  • Sleeping By Myself
  • Sirens
  • Last Kiss

A little PRAMG-heavy if you ask the fans of Red Mosquito.  Now lets see a list of songs that Pearl Jam fans chose, but Pearl Jam thought should not make the list.

  • Last Exit
  • Tremor Christ
  • In My Tree
  • Present Tense
  • Sometimes
  • Brain of J
  • All Those Yesterdays
  • Low Light
  • No Way
  • Faithfull
  • All Those Yesterdays
  • Insignificance
  • Grievance
  • Of The Girl
  • You Are
  • Marker in the Sand
  • Severed Hand
  • Unemployable
  • Army Reserve
  • Parachutes
  • I Got Shit
  • Long Road
  • Hard to Imagine
  • Strangest Tribe
  • Cold Confession
  • Breath
  • Of the Earth
What does this mean?  Hell, I don't know.  Fans obviously enjoy Yield and Pearl Jam a lot more than the band thinks they do.  Or maybe the band thinks more highly of Backspacer and Lightning Bolt than their base.  Is the band forging a path toward new fans?  Are existing fans stuck in the past?

Maybe you should just vote in The Real Pearl Jam March Madness, enter the contest in The Fake Pearl Jam March Madness, and just enjoy some tunes.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Pearl Jam March Madness: Division 2

Black, Go, Daughter, and Rearviewmirror have all advanced to the next round.  Will they achieve Immortality?  It's still a Long Road, and it goes past these four Division 2 match-ups.  Yes, it's time to vote!

Division 2: Round 4

Corduroy vs. In My Tree
Hail Hail vs. Immortality
Present Tense vs. Long Road
Last Exit vs. Tremor Christ

How do I vote?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Matt Cameron Talks About Balancing Soundgarden and Pearl Jam

Soundgarden are in the New Zealand to play Westfest 2015 at Auckland’s Mount Smart Stadium and, ahead of their headlining slot, Cameron spoke to Music 101's Sam Wicks about the struggles of being in two huge bands.

What's it like trying to balance two powerhouses like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden?
I'm not 25 anymore, and I don't really need to be out on the road as much as I have in the past.  I definitely want to be home a lot more with my family ... I've got kids.  And that's part of the equation too.  I certainly don't want to trip anyone up.  If it ever gets to that state, then we just have to sort of figure it out at that point.  But so far it's been working out great.  We're all been friends, and we've all been in bands for a long time.  We all know that's the reality of our job at this point.

When Matt writes a song, how does he decide which band is the best fit for the song?
If there's a piece of music that has a little bit of a harder edge, I might thing that Soundgarden might like that, but there are other occasions where I bring in a piece of music that has a pretty hard edge to it and the Pearl Jam guys really like it too.  I don't really try to differentiate what goes where.  I just try to keep writing as much as I can, and try to present the guys with the best stuff that I'm coming up with at that given time.  Pearl Jam likes to include one of my songs just to give it a different flavor, but as with Soundgarden I think my music sort of fits the overall sound of the band, but that's just because I've been doing it a little bit longer.

What did Kim Thayil think of You Are?
Ah man!  We coulda killed that song!
Sorry, Kim!

Pearl Jam March Madness! 32 Songs Remain!

What song will be Release[d]?  What song will fight like an Animal?  Which will be left Alive, and which will fade to Black?  The next few rounds will be smaller as the debate kicks up in the forum.  Come to discuss, but don't forget to vote!

Division 1: Round 4

Porch vs. Black
Daughter vs. Animal
Release vs. Rearviewmirror
Alive vs. Go

How do I vote?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Little Ships Collaborating with Stone Gossard

Regan Hagar's band, The Little Ships, is currently working on their debut album.  Regan, drummer for Malfunkshun and Brad and Pearl Jam's house artist, will be cutting the drums in Pearl Jam's Studio Litho.  Last night, the band tweeted that they'll be in England working on an unheard Stone Gossard song. Whether Stone will be playing on the track or is merely the writer is unclear.

If you haven't heard of The Little Ships, you can check out their first song, Shiver, here.

Shiver from TheLittleShips on Vimeo.

Flight to Mars 2015 Announced

Mike McCready has announced the date of the 13th Annual Flight to Mars show and fundraiser benefitting CCFA Camp Oasis & The Vitalogy Foundation.  This year's show will be May 1st at the Showbox, and will be featuring Duff McKagan's band, Walking Papers.  Tickets are available here.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Pearl Jam March Madness: Division 4

I want to show you with puns and song titles, but it's a rough list of titles this round.  Don't make yours a Life Wasted.  VOTE!

Pendulum vs. Unthought Known
Parachutes vs. World Wide Suicide
Life Wasted vs. Of the Earth
Mind Your Manners vs. Infallible
Got Some vs. Gonna See My Friend
Cold Confession vs. Army Reserve
Marker in the Sand vs. Severed Hand
Unemployable vs. Johnny Guitar

How do I vote?