Thursday, October 19, 2023

We Wrote a Book!

 Well, friends, you've been coming to our humble little website for more than two decades for all of your Pearl Jam news, reviews, and gossip, so we decided it was time to put our brains together to bring you something more permanent.

Brian Stipelman and I have compiled a collection of all of Pearl Jam's albums, exploring them with a deep dive into themes and suggesting all of our favorite performances for each song.

Thirty years after their genre defining debut record, Pearl Jam remains one of the most resonant, successful, and enduring bands in the history of rock music. From the opening notes of Ten through the closing moments of Gigaton, Pearl Jam shaped how a generation of fans understood integrity, self-worth, solidarity, love, and the power of like-minded people to change the world. Along the way they sold over eighty-five million records, played about a thousand live shows, and built one of the most dedicated fan bases in the world.

Fusing a wide array of musical influences, Pearl Jam offers the clarity of purpose of U2, the questing uncertainty of R.E.M., the humanism of Bruce Springsteen, the textured distortion of Neil Young, the reckless energy of punk, and the transformational sweep of the 60s and 70s classic rock era. Their music invites listeners to travel with them on an ongoing journey of self-discovery, carving meaning from the absurdity of suffering and the beauty of love.

I Am No Guide: Pearl Jam Song by Song celebrates Pearl Jam’s legacy through a deep dive into the ideas and themes explored in their music. It tracks Pearl Jam’s evolution from their explosive start and meteoric rise into the biggest band in the world, through their deliberate retreat from fame and gradual transformation into rock and roll elder statesmen, analyzing how these experiences shaped their music. Album by album. Song by song.

But Pearl Jam cannot be understood without reference to their legendary show, famous for their intensity and community, concerts that can run for thirty songs with no set list ever repeating. I Am No Guide: Pearl Jam Song By Song documents definitive live performances of every song and highlights the reciprocal and transformative relationship between Pearl Jam and their fans

I Am No Guide: Pearl Jam Song By Song invites you to look at familiar songs in new ways, throw on a record you haven’t heard in a while, and remember why Pearl Jam matters so much to so many of us.
You can preorder the book via or Amazon right now.  The release date is subject to change due to Pearl Jam hinting at a new album as soon as February.

Vs. 30th Anniversary Reissue


In honor of Vs.'s 30th anniversary today, Pearl Jam is releasing a reissue of the album.  It's currently available on their fan club site (for members only) on black vinyl ($42.98), "Dreamsicle" vinyl ($44.98), and cassette ($16.98).  The vinyl is mastered at 45rpm.

It'll be a miracle if the color variant hasn't sold out before I finish typing this update, so waste no time!  Head straight to to get your copy.

UPDATE: Crystal clear, 1-LP variant is available for pre-order via Target ($24.99).

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Lightning Bolt Turns 10

Credit: Don Pendleton


State of Love & Turst: A Pearl Jam Podcast, Episode 178

The State of Love & Trust Podcast welcomes TSIS's own, Stip back for a discussion about Lightning Bolt's 10 Year Anniversary.  You can give it a listen here, or wherever you get your podcast joy.
Jason and Paul welcome back friend of the show and The Sky I Scrape / Red Mosquito legend Stip to discuss how Lightning Bolt has aged over the last decade. Paul and Stip also grill Jason on the Loosegroove Records party in Beverly Hills where he got to meet Stone Gossard. All that and the Lyric and Live Cut of the Week - Sleeping By Myself.

Monday, October 2, 2023

Happy Birthday, Josh Klinghoffer!


Credit: Ehud Lazin

Gory Scorch Cretins by Matt Cameron

 Record Store Day announced their releases for Black Friday 2023, and the list includes a 12" EP by Matt Cameron featuring some of his solo work recorded with the help of the Melvins.  Look for one of 2,500 copies at your favorite record store on November 24th.
"I have been a massive Melvins fan since I first saw them play live in Seattle around 1985. They were a huge influence on me as a musician and big part of our local Seattle burgeoning underground rock music scene in the 80s.

I reconnected with the Melvins in 2019 when they performed at the Chris Cornell tribute concert in Los Angeles. After the show, I emailed Buzz and asked if he, Dale, Steven and Toshi could help me record some solo material I had kicking around. I also collaborated with Seattle musician/producer Nate Yaccino and Meagan GrandallI on this release. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, completely dug the results and decided to pay homage to the Melvins by reimagining the artwork (with their permission) from their groundbreaking record Gluey Porch Treatments. Enjoy." Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam)
1. Our Time
2. Right Thing To Do
3. Down The Middle
4. Better Life
5. Top To Bottom