Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pearl Jam March Madness Round 1 Begins!

Yes, it's February 3rd, but in order for madness to ensue during the month of March, Pearl Jam March Madness must begin today!  Previous winners are Insignificance (2014), Tremor Christ (2011), Black (2009, 2006), Immortality (2008), Corduroy (2007), and I Got Shit (2005).

This year, the field is broken into divisions based on eras.  Will that shake up the results?  Does Pendulumorphosis have what it takes to break into this game?

Division 1: 1991-1993
Division 2: 1994-1997
Division 3: 1998-2005 
Division 4: 2006-2015


Head over to the Red Mosquito Forum.  Each thread is a match between two songs.  Just vote in each thread, discuss your vote if you like, and hang tight for the next round to begin.

Here's how the first division will begin.

Brother vs. Acoustic #1
2000 Miles Blues vs. Cready Stomp
Master/Slave vs. Hold On
Garden vs. WMA
Blood vs. Angel
Footsteps vs. Chinese
Wishing Well vs. Dirty Frank
Sonic Reducer vs. Just a Girl
Alone vs. Why Go
Crazy Mary vs. Dissident
Let Me Sleep vs. Leash
Rats vs. I've Got a Feeling
Bee Girl vs. Deep