Monday, April 28, 2014

Eddie with Simon Townshend

Perhaps trying to keep his voice in good shape during a Pearl Jam break, Ed jumped on stage at the Triple Door in Seattle with Simon Townshend (Pete's brother) this week to help with Simon's songs She Asked Me and I'm the Answer.  Tonight, Simon posted a great video of the two songs on his blog.  

Simon's poster in Ed's kitchen.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

RNDM 2014?

PearlJamOnline has provided us with the first real evidence that this year will be a side project year.  Here's to one of our favorites being the studio!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pearl Jam To Play Austin City Limits 2014

The organizers of Austin City Limits announced their line-up today, and you can officially look for Pearl Jam at the festival which takes place in Zilker Park October 3rd through the 5th and October 10th through the 12th.  Pearl Jam will play one night on both weekends, but exact details are undertermined.  The Ten Club has announced that there is no pre-sale from the band, so head over to the ACL website to get your tickets.  They go on sale today!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pearl Jam March Madness Champion*: Insignificance!

All in all, it's no one's fault ...

Well, OK, that's not true.  There was an unprecedented amount of cheating among the voting members of our board, so who really knows if Insignificance deserved this win.  We'll chock it down as the 2014 victor, but will it be back next year?  Only if our forum members remember the passwords to all the extra accounts they created.

Congratulations* to Insignificance, the official* 2014 Best Pearl Jam Song Ever!

If you want to check out how your favorite song faired in the tournament, check out Simple Torture's official rankings.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

VOTE NOW! March Madness Finals: Corduroy vs. Insignificance

After squeaking past former champion, Immortality, Insignificance, is the Cinderella story stepping in to take on former champion, Corduroy.  Does Corduroy have what it takes to reign supreme again, or is it time for a new monarch to wear the crown.

You decide!  Vote now.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

VOTE NOW! Pearl Jam March Madness: Final Four

Ten, Yield, and No Code have all been wiped out, leaving four songs and two albums in contention.  Insignificance is the only song to have never won our tournament.  Corduroy (2007), Immortality (2008), and Tremor Christ (2012) each have one championship under their belt.  Can they repeat, or will there be a new champion to take them down.

Only you can decide.  Vote now.  The finals start Sunday night.

Corduroy vs. Tremor Christ
Immortality vs. Insignificance

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

VOTE NOW! Pearl Jam March Madness, Elite Eight

The Pearl Jam March Madness has tightened up again.  With Riot Act now Released to Insignificance, only five albums still have a song in contention for Immortality.  But it's still a Long Road to the championship, and Sometimes surprises happen.

Head to our forum now for your chance to pick the winner.  Here are your Elite Eight matches:

Daughter vs. Corduroy
Insignificance vs. Sometimes
Release vs. Tremor Christ
Long Road vs. Immortality

Sunday, April 6, 2014

VOTE NOW! Pearl Jam March Madness: Sweet Sixteen

Four albums have already been knocked out of contention (Yield, Pearl Jam, Backspacer, and Lightning Bolt).  Release vs. All or None guarantees the elimination of another.  Merkinball will battle itself.  

Currently, Vitalogy and No Code hold half the spots in our Sweet Sixteen, but can they hold onto it.  Only you can say.  Get to the forum and vote now.

Daughter vs. Off He Goes
Tremor Christ vs. Go
Insignificance vs. Not For You
Hail Hail vs. Immortality
Long Road vs. I Got Shit
Release vs. All or None
Corduroy vs. In My Tree
Man of the Hour vs. Sometimes

Thursday, April 3, 2014

VOTE NOW! Pearl Jam March Madness: Round 4.2

Voting has begun on Round 4.2.  Head over to the forum and cast your votes for the greatest Pearl Jam songs ever! Here are the match-ups for this round.

All Those Yesterdays vs. Release
Daughter vs. Smile
Off He Goes vs. Elderly Woman...
Tremor Christ vs. Faithfull
Alive vs Go
 Corduroy vs. Last Exit
In My Tree vs. Rearviewmirror
All or None vs. State of Love and Trust


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

VOTE NOW! Pearl Jam March Madness: Round 4.1

We've passed the halfway point, and there are only 32 songs left in the bracket.  Voting has begun on Round 4.1.  Head over to the forum and cast your votes for the greatest Pearl Jam songs ever! Here are the match-ups for this round.

Immortality vs. Do the Evolution
Nothing as it Seems vs. Not For You
Porch vs. Hail Hail
Sad vs. Sometimes
Severed Hand vs. Man of the Hour
No Way vs. Long Road
Insignificance vs. Breath
I Got Shit vs. Hard to Imagine

Ten Reissue or April Fools

Pearl Jam claims to be offering a great, clear vinyl reissue of Ten including the Redux. But given that this is the third vinyl item they've recently released that sold out before they emailed fans, we feel like they might be pranking us.
Ten Club is excited and honored to announce our collaboration with Newbury Comics’ Brighton Limited Press on a brand new vinyl exclusive... the double lp version of Pearl Jam's "Ten" (includes "Ten Redux")!

Our joint reissue of this classic album is pressed on 120 Gram, coke-bottle clear vinyl, in a foil-stamp numbered edition of 2,000 pieces.

Newbury Comics and Ten Club will each have 1,000 randomly assorted numbered lps for sale.

Out on April 15th
Is it real? You decide.

Pearl Jam Announces New EP "Knowlden"

Pearl Jam has announced the release of a new six-song EP compiling some of the music left on the cutting room floor during the recording of their last three albums.  The album will be called Knowlden and it will be available in a variety formats starting Tuesday, April 15.

The band released a statement from guitarist, Mike McCready, today via their website.
I have been promising an EP to fans ever since No Code, and I decided that instead of stringing them along again in the promotion of Lightning Bolt, that I'd push the band to polish off a couple of these songs.  My song Navy Bean, is a Black Rebel Motorcycle-esque blues rocker, that has really evolved since I first penned it in 2000. This has really been a labor of love, and these songs will be as emotional to play live as Sirens.

1. Where's My Sponge? (Vedder/Vedder)
2. Alford Pleas (Vedder/Cameron)
3. Billy Billy Micropenis (Gossard/Gossard)
4. Of The Earth (Vedder/Ament)
5. Navy Bean (Vedder/McCready)
6. Cigarette Song I & II (Vedder/Vedder)

You can head over to Pearl Jam's On-line shop to pre-order any of the following formats, or to your local record shop on April 19th for the Record Store Day exclusive triple, colored, 7-inch boxed set.

  • CD - $8 + $7.99 domestic S+H
  • CD Ten Club Edition (with free access to the band's YouTube Channel) - $8 + $7.99 domestic S+H
  • 12" vinyl  - $21 + $9.99 domestic S+H
  • Digital Download (115 kpbs mp3, FLAC, HD FLAC, Pono) - prices vary
  • 3 Cassette Boxed Set with Trading Card Set - $125 (free shipping)