Friday, May 26, 2023

Deaf Charlie Coming to Ohana Fest

 Jeff Ament has proudly pointed out that his band, Deaf Charlie, with drummer John Wicks, will be performing on the 3rd night of the Ohana Festival in Dana Point, California this October.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Pickin' On Pearl Jam

CMH Records is releasing an album of bluegrass Pearl Jam covers by the band Iron Horse.  The album releases this Friday.  You can pre-order the CD or digital format on their website.
Pickin’ On Pearl Jam is a collection of some of the biggest and best-loved songs from the Seattle legends reinterpreted through the framework of classic Bluegrass instrumentation and vocal stylings. Series stalwarts Iron Horse are an Alabama-based quartet who’ve rearranged and performed these new versions of alt-rock classics using earnest sensibilities and traditional technique. There’s no winking irony to be found here. Just four guys from Muscle Shoals putting forward an honest, heartfelt tribute to the music of five guys who’ve never been anything but honest and heartfelt.

Tracklisting below:
  1. Once
  2. Corduroy
  3. Rearviewmirror
  4. Better Man
  5. Even Flow
  6. Given to Fly
  7. Spin the Black Circle
  8. Daughter
  9. Alive
  10. Just Breathe
  11. Yellow Ledbetter
  12. Nothingman

Vault #11, Atlanta 1994 on Vinyl

Today, Pearl Jam announced that their quintessential show from April 3, 1994 at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta will be available for the first time on vinyl.  Previously only available on CD, Pearl Jam is releasing this show as a 4-LP set in their Vault series.  You must be a Fan Club member to order.

You can pre-order now at the Pearl Jam website.  Shipment is expected for Fall of 2023.