Thursday, February 25, 2021

Painted Shield Now Available on CD and LP

Previously only available in digital formats and a very limited vinyl run, Painted Shield, the eponymous release by Stone Gossard and friends, Mason Jennings, Matt Chamberlain, and Brittany Davis, is now available for pre-order on CD or LP via independent music shops.  The official release date is Friday, March 19th.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Nancy Wilson Covers "Daughter"

Pearl Jam friend and fellow Seattle musician, Nancy Wilson, who has not been able to tour with her band Heart, will be releasing her debut album, You and Me, on May 7th.  The album contains a mix of original music and covers, including a cover of Pearl Jam's Daughter.

Mark your calendar, and see how Eddie's "female perspective" lyrics hold up when actually performed by a woman.  The tracklist is below.

1. You and Me
2. The Rising
3. I'll Find You
4. Daughter
5. Part at the Angel Ballroom (featuring Duff McKagan and Taylor Hawkins
6. The Boxer (featuring Sammy Hagar)
7. Walk Away
8. The Inbetween
9. Dreams (featuring Liv Warfield)
10. The Dragon
11. We Meet Again
12. 4 Edward

Monday, February 22, 2021

Coda Collection Brings More Pearl Jam to Amazon Prime


A new live music and documentary streaming service, The Coda Collection, is launching as an add on to Amazon Prime, and along with several other great music experiences, it is bringing more Pearl Jam.

If you couldn't experience Pearl Jam's limited live releases on Nugs, you can now stream their 2016 Philadelphia Show,  their 2018 Seattle show, and PJ20The Coda Collection has a free 7-day trial available through Amazon Prime, and costs $4.99/month after.