Monday, August 31, 2009

Ed Talks Politics in Italy

Ed singing No More in Columbia, SC.

There has been some conjecture on our boards that Eddie has toned down his politics, based largely on the fact that we've heard very few political themes in our Backspacer previews.  It appears from this posting on Grunge Report, that he has not.  I do, however, find it odd that as disatisfied as the Grunge Report author is with Eddie's heavy handed politics, he didn't think twice about pushing a few of his own political viewpoints.

But why does Eddie have so much faith in Obama?  It’s fucking stupid.  The economy is fucked and Obama driving up the debt and devaluing the dollar, moving more troops to Afghanistan, and nationalizing totally fucked companies will kill the economy.  We need to let the economy rebuild itself, we live in a Capitalist country.  We need business owners running these companies rather than the government, who obviously have no economical sense.

Here's what Ed had to say on  The translation is rough, but I think the spirit is in tact.

"We must strengthen the concept that art can be a form of nonviolent protest," he insists. "The cliche has it that we artists are part of a sort of Hollywood elite, protected species, which should keep away from political squabbles, do not express their point of view, ignoring his education in humanities and give a damn about world problems. But we we do not live in Hollywood, but in fucking Seattle, salt and pay taxes have the right to express an opinion. This taught me the music I grew up with and the novels I read. This I learned from Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen, Pete Townshend, Neil Young. From the Clancy Brothers and the Irish music: pieces of history framed in a song. Do not say that we are not allowed to do so, because our work is just that. The Democrats called the Boss, Ben Harper , James Taylor and the Dixie Chicks to support Vote for Change. Who has played for the Republicans? A pair of worn-country & western singers that Bush was holding the leash. "

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Pearl Jam Live in San Francisco (on YouTube)


I'm breaking format from the standard "Tonight" post because whether you're at the Outside Lands Festival to see Pearl Jam or you're there for some other awesome act, you're going to want to clip the coupon below and head to the Ames Brothers merchandise booth for a shirt and poster.  You'll also want to hunt down this hand-cranked listening station to preview Backspacer.  

With Pearl Jam playing on 8/28 and having designed the face and overall identity for the inaugural and now 2nd annual Outside Lands Festival, Ames Bros are going to join the party. We're proud to announce that we will be manning a merchandise booth in the vendor area (Polo Fields directly behind the Main Stage) throughout the festival Friday the 28th through Monday the 30th. We will be selling the following items: 

  • Special Edition signed/numbered Pearl Jam SF 8/28 poster*
  • Special Edition PJ SF 8/28 tshirt*
  • Pearl Jam vs Ames Bros, 13 Years of Tour Posters...The Book
  • Ames Bros t-shirts
  • Special Edition Outside Lands Festival Poster*

All books purchased at the festival can be personalized by whoever is present at the booth. A bundle price will be offered for the poster/t-shirt/book at a great discount.

*Supplies are limited. 

Take advantage and save an extra 10% off your purchase by using this coupon

Oh, and if you're not going, you can WATCH PEARL JAM LIVE via a webcast on YouTube.

No Pearl Jam on OLF Webcast?

It looks like we may have spoken too soon.  Even though the Outside Lands Festival is doing a live webcast via YouTube, Pearl Jam is not listed among their Artist Lineup for tonight.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 14-Disc Set

TwoFeetThick has broken the news that Time-Life is releasing a 14-disc set of live performances from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Look for Ed to be featured!

Light My Fire – The Doors with Eddie Vedder (1993)

Break On Through – The Doors with Eddie Vedder (1993)

Roadhouse Blues – The Doors with Eddie Vedder (1993)

Man on the Moon – R.E.M. with Eddie Vedder (2007)

Pearl Jam Hand-Cranked Listening Station

OK, this is just silly.

Fixer Goodies!

What's that? You want The Fixer printed on an exclusive Volcom T-shirt? Lucky you!

Also, US and Canadian residents can text "pearljam" to 66937 to join the mobile Ten Club to get The Fixer wallpaper for your mobile phone. 


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Ed made an appearance last night at the Cubs game.

The Cubs looked less like prizefighters and more like punching bags Tuesday night, as they let the Nationals slap them around all night. So much for a good start to the homestand.

Guest seventh-inning-stretch conductor Eddie Vedder, possibly the most earnest Cubs fan this side of Ernie Banks, wrote a short poem in the TV booth to describe his optimism on the season. Milton Bradley, who went 4-for-4 with his 10th homer of the year, phrased it much better afterward.

"We got a Rodney King beatdown tonight," he told reporters in the clubhouse.

You can't make this stuff up.

Even better, TwoFeetThick has a great montage of all of Eddie's Cubs appearances.

All That's Sacred, Episode #15

Episode #15 is now available.

Throat a little scratchy, head a little groggy, body a little achy, ears still ringing – today finds me still recovering from the weekend Chicago trip and Sunday night Pearl Jam show. The boys surpassed all my expectations and made it a trip and a night not soon forgotten. Episode #15 starts with some of my Chicago observations and incorporates some performances from the past to help paint the picture. Halfway through, though, we switch gears and play some songs from the 2006 San Francisco gigs to celebrate and prepare for the upcoming appearance at the Outside Lands Festival.

I appreciate everyone’s continued support – not just in tuning in to the podcast every week – but also in the wonderful emails sent my way and comments left on the site. As a reminder, Facebook and Twitter are also great ways to communicate and stay connected to the podcast so look for me there as well. Thank you again and again!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Awesome! Free Stuff on iTunes!

 You've seen The Fixer video.  You've seen the Promo Short.  Now you can get both on iTunes for FREE for a limited time.  Oh, and you can pre-order Backspacer with a free immediate download of The Fixer (if you haven't already picked up a hardcopy via the Ten Club or Target.Com).

Pearl Jam premieres its new music video for "The Fixer" today on iTunes in advance of its highly anticipated ninth studio release, Backspacer. "The Fixer" music video is available on iTunes as a free download for a limited time and the single is also available for digital download.

Go to iTunes to pre-order Backspacer where all pre-orders will receive "The Fixer" (studio version) single instantly. While you are there, download the "Backspacer Short" mini-documentary about the making of Backspacer which beautifully captures the energy behind the creation of this album. Visit:

Eddie on Fame and Kids

Don't really know where this is from, but thanks, @randomstranger1, for the tip.

UPDATE (8/27): Canoe.TV has posted a little more of the interview here.  Here's hoping we get the full interview soon, instead of tiny, little snippets.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Stories Behind Backspacer (White/Hirst)

 As we wait patiently for September 20th, the stories behind the nine Backspacer images continue to reveal themselves.

Though we don't know the story behind the drums, the image of the astronaut is clearly Edward Higgins White II, the first American to walk in space, later killed during an Apollo training mission.

The Fixer artwork seems to be derived from either Damien Hirst's sculpture, Hymn, or the Humbrol childrens' toy on which it was based.  Even though Hirst was sued for his work, we'll go ahead and call this Hirst's story, since I have no idea who designed the toy.  It should also be noted that Hirst is the first of our Backspacer stories to be a living person.  Personally, that makes think that we're wrong about it, but that's for Pearl Jam to know and us to wonder.

In 2000, Hirst was sued for breach of copyright over his sculpture, Hymn, which was a 20-foot (6.1 m), six ton, enlargement of his son Connor's 14" Young Scientist Anatomy Set, designed by Norman Emms, 10,000 of which are sold a year by Hull-based toy manufacturer Humbrol for £14.99 each.  Hirst paid an undisclosed sum to two charities, Children Nationwide and the Toy Trust in an out-of-court settlement,  as well as a "good will payment" to Emms.  The charitable donation was less than Emms had hoped for. Hirst also agreed to restrictions on further reproductions of his sculpture.

Looking for the other stories?

1. ??

2. Damien Hirst

3. Howard Thurston

4. ??

5. Charles Babbage

6. Edward Higgins White II

7. Guiligan, The Robot, and some mystery kid

8. Johnny "Guitar" Watson

9. Evelyn McHale

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flickr: Pearl Jam in London and Toronto

PJ Photostream Update!



A Lazy Pearl Jam Sunday

I like to waste my Sundays sitting around reading the paper and listening to the radio.  I can't be the only one.  So, how about a couple of reviews and interviews?


The London Evening Standard

To the delight of an audience including actors Josh Brolin, Jonah Hill, Tim Robbins (to whom Vedder dedicated Blood) and Diane Lane, they embraced old and new.

During the elderly Even Flow, Mike McCready's guitar solo lasted so long Vedder had time to smoke a cigarette. They are Pearl Jam; they are above the law.

The new material sizzled too, particularly the fierce Got Some and, on its live debut, Supersonic.

The Toronto Star

With the Pharmacists frontman Ted Leo stuck at the border – passport issues, reportedly – the Seattle alt-rockers decided to help out with a six-song acoustic set.

Alone on guitar, a seated Eddie Vedder captivated with Neil Young's "Sugar Mountain" and "The Needle and the Damage Done," demonstrating the versatility he would later not-so-humbly note – "He can play acoustic. He can play electric. He can f---ing sing."

Guitarists Mike McCready and Stone Gossard also pitched in with solo stints before the Pharmacists had their turn with McCready and Vedder.



Eddie Speaks with Alan Cross on Explore Music

Eddie is happier these days now that his man is in the White House. In fact, he proudly displays an Obama portrait at his home outside Seattle. He’s relaxed, rejuvenated and re-focussed, a far cry from the 90s dude who had a tough time dealing with the pressures and obligations that came with being one of the Holy Trinity of Grunge. Pearl Jam, are the sole survivors of that trinity.

Pearl Jam’s new album, Backspacer (named after a turtle, or vice-versa), will be out on September 20th. Ahead of that, the band went out to road test some of the new material.

Before a show in Toronto, I met up with Eddie backstage. And knowing that he’s is a big fan of wine, I brought a bottle of a fine Canadian syrah and a couple of glasses.

Mike Speaks with FM 102.1 Milwaukee

Mike McCready mentioned during an interview recently that there is a chance a longer version of “The Fixer” could be released at some point.  He also revealed that the title of Pearl Jam’s Backspacer was based off of Eddie Vedder writing his lyrics on a typewriter.  Mike also said Boom will be touring with the band but Brendan O’Brien plays keyboards on Backspacer.  Here is the interview.


Pearl Jam Flamed in the Chicago Music Examiner

Hey, Brandon Ciarlo, ... shut up!

Tonight and tomorrow night Pearl Jam is set to rock out the United Center right here in Chicago.  Although their new stuff is less than impressive the live show should still be something to behold.
Now I have never been a big fan, but I can appreciate what they have accomplished.  If you ask me they just need to stick with the old stuff and stop making new music.  They have joined a list of bands that, in my opinion, need to stop writing new music because it is just going down hill.  Two other big bands that also come to mind when talking about this problem are Green Day and Metallica.  Please, for the love of god and all that is holy...stop.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Vs. on Earvolution

OK, thank you, Earvolution, for helping with my Backspacer-overload.  There have been a few days in the past month that I have forgotten that Pearl Jam has eight other albums out there.

In the crush of new music that descends upon us every Tuesday and the eagerness to discover something new and revelatory, it’s fun to occasionally take a glance backwards and rediscover a record that has been in your collection all along. The news of the impending release ofBackspacer must have put Pearl Jam into my subconscious and it’s led to a renewed appreciation for their 1993 sophomore album Vs. In the months following the release of their debutTen, Pearl Jam found themselves on MTV and at the forefront of the grunge revolution. Bringing the sincerity back to rock and roll that the hair bands had all but drained free, grunge rock, especially Pearl Jam, made it feel OK to really love music once again. WithVs., Pearl Jam served notice that they would not be going away anytime soon. Of the bands that emerged from the Pacific Northwest in the early 90s, very few turned out to be one trick ponies. Nirvana, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains all managed to beat the sophomore jinx and Cameron Crowe’s Singles capitalized on and helped perpetuate on the flannel draped scene.

On Ten, Vedder emoted his way through Pearl Jam’s debut like a less drugged out, more focused version of Jim Morrison, finding many listeners eager to get wrapped up in the band’s earnest commitment. Solidifying his status as a grunge-era Messiah, Vedder once again ripped open his soul on Vs. His penchant for dreamy murmuring would continue to obscure any attempts to decipher exactly what he’s singing but it never clouded the meaning; when he screams “it’s my blood,” there’s no doubting his sincerity. Moving from the howl of "W.M.A." through the calm reminiscent tones of "Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town," Vedder continued to carve out the niche and mold the persona that would define him and Pearl Jam for the next decade and a half.

Many of the trademarks of Pearl Jam’s future work can be found here: layered within “Animal,” Vedder intones the band’s five against one mantra as if in a trance and the band's acerbic political wit reveals itself for the first time on "Glorified G," a mocking jibe at the NRA and those who love their guns a little too much. On the opening strains of "Go," the albums first track, Jeff Ament's bass guitar boils as if simmered by the fires of Hell and its questionable whether guitarists Mike McCready and Stone Gossard have ever sounded better in the studio, Vs. capturing their interplay at its finest. From the roadway rumble of “Rearviewmirror” and stadium-quality riffs of “Daughter” and Dissident" through the soft peaceful wash of “Indifference” that would mark much of their post-millennium output, McCready and Gossard turned the tried and true double guitar format on its head.

Pearl Jam's shot across the bow though is the phenomenal “Leash.” Embodying everything that makes rock and roll fantastic, Vedder’s howl to “drop the leash” carries as much weight as Roger Daltrey talking about his generation or Bob Dylan singing about what blows in the wind. It’s a clarion call to arms and rallying cry to the youth of the world to stand up and be heard. It would only be just the beginning.

Pearl Jam's The Fixer Video

You've been waiting since some dude caught the audio muffled through a door and then talked all over his recording. Now it's here!

A Little Treat for UK Pearl Jam Fans

If you pre-order Backspacer from Town Records, you can receive three free songs from Pearl Jam's show at the O2 Arena.  No word, as of yet, pertaining to what those three songs might be, sorry!

Charles Peelle's 60 Days of Pearl Jam: The Halftime Report

Charles Peelle of the Indianapolis Pop Culture Examiner came out of nowhere last month with an announcement that he was going to celebrate Pearl Jam's release of Backspacer with a post every day until September 22nd.  Although he hasn't quite posted every day, he has, thus far, managed to rank 160 Pearl Jam songs.  The Herculean task of embeding 160+ YouTube videos deserves a round of applause in and of itself.  Anyhow, you can review the list here.  You can find the full list of songs on our forum, but reading Charles' write-ups and watching the videos has been a pleasure.  Even if you don't agree with Charles, he clearly knows and loves Pearl Jam as much as anyone could.  If your ADHD is so bad that you just want to see the list and move on, go ahead and search it out, but I'm not going to link directly to it.  

What's next?

Stay tuned next week as the 60 Days of Pearl Jam continue with a countdown summary, a review of Chicago 2 (if only I could attend both nights!), the fan-voted Top Pearl Jam song compilation list and more. Later I will also be ranking the studio albums, examining the band's history and members and taking an intense look at the spiritual experience that is Live Pearl Jam. I hope you will continue with me on this wild ride, as we grow ever closer to the release of Backspacer. Thank you all one more time.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Backspacer Review from Spin Magazine

Sorry, stip.  I guess there were no advanced copies set aside for you, but the Grunge Report nicely transcribed this review from Spin Magazine.

Pearl Jam in Manchester

In case you didn't catch the picture in my last post.  Manchester's Flickr photos are up.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All That's Sacred, Episode #14

Episode #14 is now available.

The tour just wrapped in Europe and Pearl Jam is headed back to North America to treat us to a few shows before releasing Backspacer! First up, is Toronto on August 21st and then Chicago on the 23rd and 24th. At the suggestion of Mike in Toronto, on episode #14 we are going to celebrate these upcoming gigs by playing listener-suggested songs from past Toronto and Chicago Pearl Jam shows. We’ll also be sprinkling in some current tour highlights and other commentary as well. Episode #14 starts off a little weird but stick with it and I think you’ll like where it takes you.

I can’t thank everyone enough for their continued support and greatemails and comments on the site. It’s been a lot of fun trading stories and following people’s more recent experiences on sites like Twitter andFacebook. Thanks again and hope to meet some of you in person at the Chicago show this Sunday.

Then head to our forums to discuss it!

Band Shirt Archive

This website came across my desk not so long ago.  The owner has the lofty goal of "getting a picture of every band shirt every made by every band, ever."  That's bold, indeed.  In the meantime, he blogs about his favorite vintage shirts, recently hitting a Pearl Jam classic.

News to some, not news to others; Pearl Jam is about to release a new album this September called Backspacer on September 20, 2009. Whenever I see a band from my youth turn out another album it always makes me nostalgic. This morning I decided to go see which vintage Pearl Jam shirts I remember from the 90s are available today.

This one easily stood out as my favorite Pearl Jam t-shirt. The shirt front has a photo of a young girl playing with crayons. Below the photo is the word "Choices". The back of the shirt, pictured to the left, says "9 out of 10 kids prefer crayons to guns". I myself preferred guns but those were dangerous times. The shirt was sold on there 1992 tour. The tour was in support of their first album Ten.

Check out the other Pearl Jam shirts.  The site even links over to e-bay sales if you want to try and nail down your own shirt.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Will Backspacer Glow in the Dark?

Easy Street Records seems to think so.  They had this to say in their pre-sale announcement.


Pearl Jam never stops surprising us, this time by giving our indie distributor US rights to this exclusive version ofBackspacer - on both CD and vinyl. Yes, Target is carryingBackspacer as well, but our version is different - and way cooler. The version sold by Easy Street comes with superior packaging including a hard-bound book/Pizzoli-style package (ala the "Avocado" CD), glow-in-the-dark spot cover, 24-page full-color booklet, and original art by Tom Tomorrow (This Modern World). Official release date forBackspacer is September 20, but order it now from us and feel great about supporting your local indie store! Plus, check out these special pre-order prices!


Thanks to the All That's Sacred podcast for catching that!

UPDATE: Thank you to bodysnatcher, who happens to be a print designer, for this description of the term "spot."

In print, a "spot" color is an ink that is pure and takes advantage of a single run through the press. For instance, most things are printed with 4 inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) which take 4 different plates and press runs that all converge to create a multi-color image. A spot color is a predetermined Pantone color that only takes one plate. Spot colors can also be used to create cool techniques, like a shiny varnish. A glow-in-the-dark spot color means that there will be parts of the artwork that are printed with this single extra color that will, apparently, glow in the dark.

Hey Laura, Bet You Wish You Still Lived in Australia

Australian music channel, Max, will be running several Pearl Jam-themed shows next week.  Tune in for things you've seen and maybe something you haven't!

Saturday, August 22nd

4pm: Top 13, Pearl Jam

Sunday, August 23rd

12pm: MAX Masters, Pearl Jam

1pm: Pearl Jam, Touring Band

3pm: Pearl Jam, Single Video Theory

What do you do if you don't live in Australia?  MAX suggests you suck it up and find a friend down under with a DVD recorder.

Q: How do I get MAX at home, or at work?

Well, you need to live in Australia. MAX comes to our Australian metropolitan viewers via Foxtel & Optusand in regional areas of Australia, through Austar. To subscribe call Foxtel on 131 999, Austar on 132 342 or Optus on 13 33 11.

The discussion continues here.

Stone Gossard and the HankKhoir, September 16th

Weird.  Check out the Ten Club for more details.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Get Thee to

... or don't.  I guess if you live near a Target, you can probably snag Backspacer in person.  Still, Target's presale of Backspacer has begun.  $11.99 + shipping.  Nothing we didn't know before, but exclusive content is promised.

Available only at Target, Pearl Jams newest album Backspacer featuring the hit singles The Fixer and Got Some. Also available only at Target,, and, exclusive bonus content including exclusive full-concert downloads!

Full 10-Minute Backspacer Promo Video

Where does the Grunge Report get these wonderful toys?

Pearl Jam - Backspacer Short

The Stories of Backspacer Continue

Thanks to a crack team of investigators on the Red Mosquito Forum our Scavenger Hunt for the Backspacer cover source material continues.  We've previously brought you the stories of Evelyn McHale and Howard Thurston.

It's pretty clear from the inlay below that the brain in the center of the cover is that of Charles Babbage, which is on display at the London's Science Museum.

I was a little doubtful that the "pimp-cycle" picture was a nod to Johnny "Guitar" Watson's album What The Hell Is This? but now that I know that Johnny is hanging on Pearl Jam's bathroom wall (watch the video I posted this morning).  I guess we can say that's where Tom Tomorrow or the band found the inspiration.  Of course, Tom added Honey Rider, Raquel Welch, and a third hottie, who I have been unable to identify.

And speaking of that 10-minute Backspacer Promo, it's pretty clear that the person enshrined on Pearl Jam's speakers is features on the cover.  You can tell from the hair style that the person on the TV in the pop-culture picture is a perfect match.  Who he or she is, and what he or she has to do with Gilligan, Lost in Space, and Plan 9 From Outer Space remains to be determined.

That leaves us with four or five mysteries.  Don't worry, as work continues, I'll bring you the updates!  If you know something, don't forget; the discussion continues here.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


The London show is Tuesday, August 18th.  Sorry.  Had it on my calendar a couple of days early.  

Saturday, August 15, 2009, Episode One

Episode One: The Announcement is now available on

The production looks pretty nice.  Good job, Chugg Entertainment.

The discussion continues here

Given To Cast, 8/15/2009

The August 15th episode of Given To Cast is up.

Show Notes: 

Intro by Kathy and Tom from 

The Week in Review 

Brief review of "The Fixer" by yours truly. 

Song of the Week - "???" Gotta listen to find out 

Question from listener 

Covered segment - "The Real Me" by The Who 

Extra Song - I'll surprise ya... listen to find out... oldie but goodie 

Then head to our forums to discuss it!

Friday, August 14, 2009

 Rumor has it that this site will be home to a video podcast of the Oceania Tour.  Keep your eyes open and check out iTunes, there is surely more to come.

UPDATE: Here is the description from the iTunes store:

Pearl Jam Tour TV is your online channel for all thigns related to the upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand by the legendary Pearl Jam.  Featuring special guests Ben Harper and Relentless7 and New Zealand's very own Liam Finn, the summer tour is shaping up to be the outdoor music event of the year.  Go behind the scenes into the Pearl Jam world with a 16 part video series dedicated to the tour, the new album, the fans, and the entire Pearl Jam back story.  Head to for more.

The discussion continues here.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shepherds Bush Photos

The Ten Club has uploaded Shepherds Bush photos to their Flickr site.  Am I wrong or has Stone not changed his shirt since Saturday?

Also, TwoFeetThick caught a pretty sweet review of the show from Rolling Stone.

The discussion continues here.

Backspacer Promo Video

 I don't speak German, but ...

 The discussion continues here.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pearl Jam Plays Backspacer Tracks in London

Thanks to the Grunge Report for spotting these YouTube videos.

The discussion continues here.

All That's Sacred, Episode #13

Episode #13 is now available.

Another busy day today with the Ten Club presales for the 5 additional North American dates. Good luck to everyone going for tickets! I’m sure it’s going to be getting a little crazy – especially for those Philly dates. Episode #13 is chock full of awesome listener requests and should prove to be an enjoyable listen as you refresh. 

I’m thinking next week we’ll play tunes from past Toronto and Chicago shows to get everyone amped for the upcoming gigs so if you have any suggestions, please send them my way by email or leave a comment on this post. As mentioned before, you can follow and contribute to the podcast on Twitter and Facebook as well. Thanks, as always, for checking out the podcast. I really appreciate everyone continuing to tune in and all the great correspondence. 

Then head to our forums to discuss it!

Do You Love Pearl Jam Enough to Spend $4860?

The Ten Club has announced a pretty sweet little package deal for folling them across the land of Oz.  You've got to have some serious bank though.  Here's the itinery listed on DUA Travel's website.
















Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jamcast Updates

Hey folks, just catching up from vacation (and yes, we're working on finding you a back-up blogger for the future).  I will probably post a nice round-up of the last week, but in the meantime, keep yourself busy with these podcast episodes that were released last week.

All That's Sacred #12

How exciting is it to be a Pearl Jam fan right now? A flurry of recent press, a taste of Tom Tomorrow’s incredible artwork for the album, a new demo of the track Speed of Sound, plus the tour kicking off this weekend! And today being a Wednesday, it’s time for another episode of All That’s Sacred! As promised, #12 features listener-suggested songs from past European gigs to get our friends across the pond amped and ready for their upcoming shows.

Many thanks for y’all continuing to check out the podcast – especially at times like now when there is so much PJ-related stuff vying for your attention. I love hearing from other fans and welcome you to send me an email or make a comment on the site post. You can also follow and contribute to the podcast on Twitter and Facebook. Everyone stay safe, take care of your neighbor, and have a blast at the shows!

Given To Cast, August 7th, 2009

The latest episode of Given To Cast is up and ready to go.

Reminder: If you want to subscribe via iTunes, just click on the subscription link on the right side of this page. 

Show notes:

The Week in Review

Song of the Week - "Speed of Sound" EV Demo

Interview with a Fan: Donny, Host of All That's Sacred podcast

Cover Song: "Betterman" by Sugarland

Contest Winner

Pearl Jam at V Fest

 I guess the only real news that I missed this week (other than the official bootleg announcement) is that Pearl Jam rocked the fuck out of Calgary!

They debuted The Fixer live:

And they uploaded a few great shots to their Flickr account.

The discussion continues here!

Pearl Jam Website: Touring Fans


I don't know if you've ever met a Ten Club member, but we're obsessive about where we sit.  Most of us can give you the distance from each band member for every show we've attended.  If that sort of thing is important to you, you ought to check out TouringFans.Net.  There is a Seat Tracker feature that lets you put in your 10C number and your seat.  Then you earn bragging rights for having the best seat.

There's also a forum and photo sharing network so you can meet up with other fans and maybe even that van.

Monday, August 10, 2009

More Shows! More Pearl Jam Shows!

I see that the Pearl Jam news has been piling up in my inbox while I was on vacation.  I just spent a whole lotta hours in a very small car on a very unfinished highway with two very unhappy kids, so I'll just throw these dates up for now.  I'm sure you got the e-mail or saw the official Ten Club announcement, but here you are anyhow.  More catch up tomorrow!


Oct 31 Philadelphia, PA Spectrum Arena* Aug-12 @9am PDT
Oct 27 Philadelphia, PA Spectrum Arena* Aug-12 @11am PDT
Sep 28 Salt Lake, UT E Center Aug-12 @1pm PDT
Sep 26 Portland, OR Amphitheater Aug-12 @3pm PDT
Sep 25 Vancouver, BC GM Place Aug-12 @5pm PDT

Friday, August 7, 2009

6,865 Days and Still No Pearl Jam

This is Lesha.  Lesha turned 18 years old this year.  He was born in Russia in 1991.  He has survived 18 St. Petersburg winters listening to bootlegged Pearl Jam concerts.  Never once has Pearl Jam played the Ice Palace.  Lesha’s not alone though.  Millions in Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Prince Edward Island, and Mississippi are asking the same question as Lesha.  "Why, Pearl Jam, why won't you play here?"

Tomorrow is the first of twenty-nine Pearl Jam concerts in support of their upcoming album, Backspacer.  Pearl Jam fans, possibly remembering the angsty beginnings of their favorite band, are not a group who suffer in silence.  So, that begs the question, "who has the waited the longest since their last Pearl Jam experience?"  The question is a little silly given that if you look at this map, you'll see that whole continents have never seen Pearl Jam play.  Seriously guys, no shows in the Middle East?  Not even a USO show for the troops?  If Pearl Jam has never played your country, state, or province, your Pearl Jam drought has lasted a brutal 6,865 days.  In all likelihood, it will last over 7,000 days as it's unlikely that Pearl Jam will be hitting Pakistan, the Congo, or Alaska before the year's end.  Of course, technically, Pearl Jam played in Alaska on February 8th, 1992.

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Does Pearl Jam dislike Vietnam, New Brunswick, and Delaware?  No, probably not.  Are there just not enough Pearl Jam fans in Mississippi or Indonesia to justify a performance?  What about those who haven't been completely missed, but have just been waiting a very, very long time:  Nebraska (6,502 days), Vermont (6,489 days), Finland (5,883 days, and China (5,279 days)?  I don't profess to have the answers.  I only profess to report the news.  
That being said, here is The Drought List, from shortest drought to longest drought.  It includes all U.S. states, all Canadian provinces, all countries in which Pearl Jam has played, the top twenty most populous countries, and a couple other countries I thought were interesting.  All numbers are in days, and I've also starred those lucky folks whose drought will end before 2010.  Congratulations, folks!  Your drought number is about to be Backspaced!

New York 403

Massachusetts 404 
Connecticut 407 
District of Columbia 412 
New Jersey 414 
Virginia 417 
South Carolina 418 
Tennessee 420 
Florida 422 
Illinois 734* 
Belgium 771 
Netherlands 772* 
Denmark 774 
Germany 775* 
United Kingdom 782* 
Austria 784 
Italy 785
Poland 787 
Spain 791 
Portugal 792 
Hawaii 973 
Australia 993* 
California 1021* 
Greece 1043 
Croatia 1047 
Czech Republic 1051 
Switzerland 1060 
France 1062 
Ireland 1081 
Ohio 1111 
Washington 1112* 
Oregon 1115* 
Nevada 1129 
Colorado 1132 
Wisconsin 1135 
Minnesota 1138 
Pennsylvania 1142* 
Michigan 1174 
Ontario 1186* 
Mexico 1337 
Brazil 1343 
Argentina 1351 
Chile 1354 
Newfoundland and Labrador 1413 
Nova Scotia 1416 
Quebec 1418 
Manitoba 1430 
Saskatchewan 1431 
Alberta 1433* 
British Columbia 1436* 
Montana 1440 
North Carolina 1767
Missouri 1768 
Indiana 2239 
North Dakota 2246 
Iowa 2248 
Kansas 2249 
Arkansas 2251 
Texas 2252* 
Arizona 2254 
Kentucky 2301 
Georgia 2303 
Alabama 2313 
Louisiana 2314 
Oklahoma 2319 
Japan 2347 
Idaho 3200 
New Mexico 3214 
Maryland 3260 
Norway 3327 
Sweden 3328 
Slovenia 3337 
South Dakota 4063 
Utah 4066* 
Turkey 4645 
Maine 4699 
Wyoming 5167 
New Zealand 5250*
Singapore 5272  
Thailand 5275 
Philippines 5277 
Taiwan, Province of China 5279 
Finland 5883 
Rhode Island 6478 
Vermont 6489 
Nebraska 6502 
Alaska 6865 
Delaware 6865 
Mississippi 6865 
New Brunswick 6865 
New Hampshire 6865 
Prince Edward Island 6865 
West Virginia 6865 
India 6865 
Indonesia 6865 
Bangladesh 6865 
Pakistan 6865 
Nigeria 6865 
Russia 6865 
Vietnam 6865 
Ethiopia 6865 
Egypt 6865 
Iran 6865 
Congo, Dem. Rep. of 6865 
Afghanistan 6865 
Iraq 6865 
South Africa 6865

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All That's Sacred, Episode #12

How exciting is it to be a Pearl Jam fan right now? A flurry of recent press, a taste of Tom Tomorrow’s incredible artwork for the album, a new demo of the track Speed of Sound, plus the tour kicking off this weekend! And today being a Wednesday, it’s time for another episode of All That’s Sacred! As promised, #12 features listener-suggested songs from past European gigs to get our friends across the pond amped and ready for their upcoming shows.

Many thanks for y’all continuing to check out the podcast – especially at times like now when there is so much PJ-related stuff vying for your attention. I love hearing from other fans and welcome you to send me an email or make a comment on the site post. You can also follow and contribute to the podcast on Twitter and Facebook. Everyone stay safe, take care of your neighbor, and have a blast at the shows!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Goldberg on Cobain vs. Vedder


Mitch Perry recently reviewed Danny Goldberg's Bumping Into Geniuses, a memoire of Goldberg's time in and comments on the recording industry, for The Political Whore.  Contained therein, Goldberg provides us with another window into the Nirvana/Pearl Jam rivalry and Cobain's comment that Pearl Jam was "pioneering a corporate, alternative, cock-rock fusion."


Goldberg ended up being introduced to Nirvana by mutual friends Sonic Youth.   He spends 55 pages in the paperback version of Bumping Into Geniuses writing about his experience with the band and Cobain, which he calls the most important relationship of his professional career.


He revisits those halcyon days of grunge that was 1991, and includes a reference to a cutting remark Cobain once made about Pearl Jam.  It reminded me of that time when, for those who cared, you either had to be in the Nirvana or PJ camp.  Kind of like the Beatles or the Stones in the 60’s, if you were around then.

Being a Nirvana partisan, I remember reading about how Cobain was upset in 1993, when Vsoutsold In Utero, and Eddie Vedder made the cover of Time.

In his book, Goldberg recounts how he thought a Cobain caustic remark about Vedder was “unfortunate.”  I asked him why he wrote that.

Goldberg said Cobain regretted making the remark, and that he and Eddie Vedder became good friends before Cobain died. “And they really were from the same planet artistically and spiritually and culturally, but you know, sometimes when somebody who’s similar to you can be a threat emotionally. There was competition but there was more collegiality.”


Monday, August 3, 2009

The Stories Behind Backspacer

It seems like some in the Pearl Jam community have dug up the story behind at least one of the nine Backspacer images.  What?  You thought Pearl Jam fans would just sit around waiting to see if they were explained in the liner notes.  You can read about it on the DISE2102/Estudio 5 blog.

On May 1, 1947, Evelyn McHale leapt to her death from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Photographer Robert Wiles took a photo of McHale a few minutes after her death.

The photo ran a couple of weeks later in Life magazine accompanied by the following caption:

On May Day, just after leaving her fiancé, 23-year-old Evelyn McHale wrote a note. 'He is much better off without me ... I wouldn't make a good wife for anybody,' ... Then she crossed it out. She went to the observation platform of the Empire State Building. Through the mist she gazed at the street, 86 floors below. Then she jumped. In her desperate determination she leaped clear of the setbacks and hit a United Nations limousine parked at the curb. Across the street photography student Robert Wiles heard an explosive crash. Just four minutes after Evelyn McHale's death Wiles got this picture of death's violence and its composure.

From McHale's NY Times obituary, Empire State Ends Life of Girl, 20:

At 10:40 A. M., Patrolman John Morrissey of Traffic C, directing traffic at Thirty-fourth Street and Fifth Avenue, noticed a swirling white scarf floating down from the upper floors of the Empire State. A moment later he heard a crash that sounded like an explosion. He saw a crowd converge in Thirty-third Street.

Two hundred feet west of Fifth Avenue, Miss McHale's body landed atop the car. The impact stove in the metal roof and shattered the car's windows. The driver was in a near-by drug store, thereby escaping death or serious injury.

On the observation deck, Detective Frank Murray of the West Thirtieth Street station, found Miss McHale's gray cloth coat, her pocketbook with several dollars and the note, and a make-up kit filled with family pictures.

The serenity of McHale's body amidst the crumpled wreckage it caused is astounding. Years later, Andy Warhol appropriated Wiles' photography for a print called Suicide (Fallen Body).

Don't ask me who made the connection or how, but surely, the hunt is on for the other nine.  If you know anything, the discussion continues here.