Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Real Pearl Jam March Madness: Back to the Quarter Finals!!!

Wait!?  Haven't we already voted on the Quarterfinals?  It may have seemed like it.  We may have said that was what you were doing, but March Madness got even more mad last week.  After last week's Elite Eight, we crowned four division champions (kind of like NCAA's conference champions).  Those four songs were Rearviewmirror, Corduroy, Faithfull, and Parachutes.

Now those songs have been tossed back into the mix of a new inter-divisional Sweet Sixteen, pitting new and old songs against each other in a random mix-up.  Now, we've progressed into a new Elite Eight.  Now you can vote for what will eventually become the complete and unquestioned champion of The Real Pearl Jam March Madness!

Corduroy vs. Do The Evolution
Rearviewmirror vs. Brain of J
Faithfull vs. Given To Fly
Go vs. Last Exit

How do I vote?