Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Lost Dogs: Conclusion



So to sum it all up. The band looked back at their career twice. In 2003-2004 they released Lost Dogs and a greatest hits record. And in 2009-2011 they released some deluxe remasters and a movie. It is 2021 and they have just released and amazing new record, their first in almost seven years.  It is time to look back once more. And opening the vault for Lost Dogs 2 would be the most welcome way!


The following tracks were not compiled on Lost Dogs:

Angel, Leatherman, Last Soldier*, Out of my mind*, Happy When I’m Crying, Falling Down*, Sunburn^ Chinese, Brother, Just A Girl, I’m Still here^,  Puzzles and Games^, Anything in Between(instr.)^, Wishing well~, I’ve got a Feeling~, Touch me I’m Sick~, Sonic Reducer~, Crazy Mary~.

Released/played/leaked since 2003:


Get it Back, Olé, Can’t Deny Me, Cold Confession^, Let it Ride^, Of the Earth*, 2x4(instr.), 10 billion years, Santa Cruz, Santa God, Turning Myst, Better Things~, Love Reign O'me~, Again Today~, CreadyStomp


Original songs that are still in the vaults. But have been proven to exist, even though we do not know if it’s finished song.

Eastern Beatles, Black Eye, I Won’t, Baba O’Riley~, Owner of the Lonely Heart~, Leatherman II#,

On some sites you can find PJ’s recording sessions history. Some song titles can be found on those lists but they are mostly rumored and could be false since we don’t have sources. We do have sources for song titles like:

The Big word, The Morning Song (confirmed as: In Hiding), No cursing, Your Face (confirmed as: ‘all those yesterdays), Smoke ring, Fallen (Falling Down??).

That’s an impressive list. And who knows what else they have left in those vaults.  It’s really time for a Lost Dogs II release. And this time around it can be even more than a double disc!


* = played live

^ = leaked

# = Mentioned

~ = Cover

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Lost Dogs: 2014 - 2021


2014-2021: They started recording 'Gigaton'  with Brendan O'Brien in the beginning of 2017. 'Can't Deny Me' was released from those sessions. And then three years later Gigaton was released with Josh Evans producing. ‘Can’t deny me was not on Gigaton and has already begun it’s life as a Pearl Jam rarity. Another studio track released from those early sessions was 'Again Today'.

When Josh Evans (producer Gigaton) was asked about outtakes:

They’re always working on something. It’s hard to say, because it’s not really done until it’s out. There are all kinds of things sitting on hard drives — from pieces of ideas to something one of the guys might consider a finished song. As far as mixing the record, these were the only 12 songs we mixed.

On October 2nd 2020 Pearl Jam released a new track and Gigaton outtake called ‘Get it Back’. On Instagram Matt said it was written in 2018. Making it the first outtake being released in years.

At a recent Q&A with fans over at Reddit:

One of the most asked question from fans was about Lost Dogs 2. Mike McCready made the following answer on Lost Dogs 2:

Gigaton is its own record. I’d love to record more music in this time of pandemic but its important that we are all taking measures to be safe. Good Idea about Lost Dogs 2 Ill bet we have the music for that.

I’m sure you do Mike!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Lost Dogs: 2009-2013



More time to look back again. Like they did in 2003 and 2004 with the release of Lost Dogs and ‘Rearviewmirror - Greatest Hits’. Deluxe remastered editions for Ten, Vs and Vitalogy were released. The Ten release finally saw Just A Girl and Brother get a proper release. Although check that Rarities Unreleased Cuts for even better versions of those songs! The Ten deluxe edition also included fun outtakes like ‘2000 Miles Blues’ and ‘Evil Little Goat’. The Vs and Vitalogy deluxe remasters had very few bonus tracks. But the instrumental ‘CreadyStomp’ was now released!


After these remastered editions the band would also look back at its career with a movie, book, exhibition and festival PJ20. The ‘Ten’ outtake ‘Chinese’ was heard in the movie and played on PJ’s own Sirius channel but strangely was not included on the movie soundtrack. Dave Abbruzzese comments about ‘Chinese’ on his Facebook: 

2013: At an Amsterdam listening party for Lightning Bolt Brendan O'Brien was present. During the Q&A a reporter asked about 'Off the Earth' (which was played live since 2010).  O'Brien said it was not tried again during the Lightning Bolt sessions, but confirmed it was tried for Backspacer.  He said there were not many outtakes this time around. Maybe only one or two tracks. He was probably thinking about Olé


During these years only one original song was released on the fanclubsingles. 'Turning Myst' remains the only PJ song that featured Mike McCready on vocals. One other studio recording was released on the fanclubsingles. 'Better Things' a song from the Kinks was nicely covered by the band.