Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Green River's Away in a Manger

Sup Pop will be releasing a special Holiday 7" on Record Store Day, November 23rd.  It will feature Green River's Away in a Manger and the U-Men's Blue Christmas.
The exclusive single is limited to 2,000 copies, will be pressed on red/green vinyl, and features front and back cover art from cartoonist Peter Bagge.

Green River’s sick & unholy rendition of the classic Christmas tune “Away in a Manger,” was originally released on the C/Z Records compilation entitled Another Pyrrhic Victory: The Only Compilation of Dead Seattle God Bands.
To find out where you can get a copy, visit

Friday, October 5, 2018

Mike McCready Releases 7" with Kim Virant

HockeyTalkter Records is releasing Mike McCready's second collaboration with Seattle artist, Kim Virant.  They cut two songs, You're the Song and Adrift, with Mike McCready on Guitar and Mellotron, Virant on vocals, and Rockfords drummer, Chris Friel, on drums.  You can pick up the 7" single from the Ten Club for $10 (+$4.99 domestic S&H).
Writing and working up these two songs with Mike has been a super fun experience. Mike's exuberance is infectious and of course his guitar playing is amazing. There was a distinct ease during the process and I think we wrote something special. - Kim Virant

I went to Kim's first show ever at at an Irish Pub in Wallingford, and she was fabulous! Fell in love on the spot and followed her through Lazy Susan. She's not only an amazing person, but an amazing voice as well. You're The Song showcases her maturity and expertise as a songwriter. I love how she pushed herself on these two songs, and I'm always honored to collaborate with Kim Virant.- Mike McCready

Thursday, October 4, 2018

2018 Halloween Shirt

Pearl Jam has announced a pre-sale for their annual Halloween shirt.  This year's design is by artist Bobby Draws Skullz, who you may remember from this year's coolest poster.  You have until 10am PDT to decide if the shirt is right for you.  It'll run you $29.99 (+ $5.99 domestic S&H), and it should get to you by Halloween, but the Ten Club makes no promises.

Friday, September 14, 2018

When Bad Goes Good

GuerrillaCandy has caught news of an upcoming boxed set spanning the career of Chris Cornell set for release on November 16th.  Travis did a great job of digging through the tracklist for highlights, and you can read that on his site.

The box which includes music Cornell recorded with various members of Pearl Jam as Soundgarden, M.A.C.C., and Temple of the Dog was posted on several international Amazon sites, but has currently been pulled down, apparently waiting for an official announcement.  It will likely be available as a 63-song CD boxed set or a 17-song CD or LP set.

1.01 . Hunted Down (Soundgarden)
1.02 . Kingdom of Come (Soundgarden)
1.03 . Flower (Soundgarden)
1.04 . All Your Lies (Soundgarden)
*1.05 . Loud Love (Soundgarden) 
1.06 . Hands All Over (Soundgarden) 
1.07 . Say Hello 2 Heaven (Temple of the Dog)
*1.08 . Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog)
*1.09 . Outshined (Temple of the Dog
1.10 . Rusty Cage (Temple of the Dog
*1.11 . Seasons – Chris Cornell
1.12 . Hey Baby (Land of the New Rising Sun) (M.A.C.C.) 
*1.13 . Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden) 
1.14 . Spoonman (Soundgarden) 
1.15 . Dusty (Soundgarden) 
1.16 . Burden In My Hand (Soundgarden)

2.01 . Sunshower – Chris Cornell
2.02 . Sweet Euphoria – Chris Cornell
*2.03 . Can’t Change Me – Chris Cornell
*2.04 . Like a Stone (Audioslave)
2.05 . Cochise (Audioslave)
2.06 . Doesn’t Remind Me (Audioslave)
2.07 . Revelations 
2.08 . Shape of Things to Come (Audioslave) 
*2.09 . You Know My Name – Chris Cornell
*2.10 . Billie Jean – Chris Cornell
*2.11 . Long Gone (Rock Version) – Chris Cornell
2.12 . Scream – Chris Cornell
2.13 . Part of me (Steve Aoki Remix) – Chris Cornell
2.14 . Ave Maria (with Eleven) – Chris Cornell

3.01 . Promise (Slash feat. Chris Cornell) 
3.02 . Whole Lotta Love (Santana feat. Chris Cornell) 
*3.03 . Call Me a Dog (Live Acoustic)  – Chris Cornell
3.04 . Imagine (Live Acoustic) – Chris Cornell
3.05 . I Am the Highway (Live Acoustic) – Chris Cornell
3.06 . The Keeper – Chris Cornell
*3.07 . Been Away Too Long (Soundgarden) 
3.08 . Live to Rise (Soundgarden) 
3.09 . Lies (Gabin with Chrs Cornell & Ace) 
3.10 . Misery Chain (with Joy Williams) – Chris Cornell
3.11 . Storm (Soundgarden) 
*3.12 . Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart – Chris Cornell
3.13 . Only These Words – Chris Cornell
3.14 . Our Time in the Universe – Chris Cornell
3.15 . ’Til the Sun Comes Back Around – Chris Cornell
3.16 . Stay with Me Baby – Chris Cornell
*3.17 . The Promise – Chris Cornell
*3.18 . When Bad Goes Good – Chris Cornell

4.01 . Into the Void (Sealth) (Live at the Paramount) Soundgarden] 
4.02 . Mind Riot (Live at the Paramount) [Soundgarden] 
4.03 . Nothing to sSay (Live in Seattle) [Soundgarden] 
4.04 . Jesus Christ Pose (Live in Oakland) [Soundgarden] 
4.05 . Show Me How to Live (Live in Cuba) [Audioslave] 
4.06 . Wide Awake (live in Sweden) – Chris Cornell
4.07 . All Night Thing (Live in Sweden) – Chris Cornell
*4.08 . Nothing Compares 2 U (Live at Sirius XM) – Chris Cornell
4.09 . One (Live at Beacon Theatre) – Chris Cornell
4.10 . Reach Down (Live at the Paramount) [Temple of the Dog] 
4.11 . Stargazer (Live at the Paramount) [Temple of the Dog]
4.12 . Wild World (Live at Phantages Theatre) [Yusuf / Cat Stevens with Chris  Cornell]
4.13 . A Day in the Liife (Live at the Royal Albert Hall) – Chris Cornell
4.14 . Redemption Song (Live at Beacon Theatre) with Toni Tornell – Chris Cornell
4.15 . Thank You (Live in Sweden) – Chris Cornell

*Included in single CD and LP versions
bold - features a member of Pearl Jam

Friday, September 7, 2018

The Anywhere Shows, Episode 5: The Home Shows

GuerrillaCandy has published their final podcast in The Anywhere Shows series. It focuses on Pearl Jam's shows at Safeco Field. You can listen or download it on their website or via all the podcasts things.
Pearl Jam’s two amazing Safeco Field concerts, aka The Home Shows, are behind us, which means the Guerrilla Candy podcast created to celebrate the band, its causes, its fans and the The Home Shows themselves, has come to a conclusion.

The final episode of The Anywhere Shows is the biggest and arguably the best episode in the series. It is packed with interviews, stories about The Home Shows and more. For the closing chapter of the Anywhere Shows my co-host Jeremy and I go long with our recaps of The Home Shows.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Safeco Field Limited Print by Charles Peterson

The last print in Charles Peterson's "Drop in the Park" series is a shot of Pearl Jam playing Safeco Field on the 8th of September.  You can pick up this 12"X17" archival pigment print for $100, only for the next seven days.  Or you can check out the whole series of seven prints, available for $650 at

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Fenway Merchandise

Pearl Jam has released their merchandise schedule for Fenway Park.  Get ready!  Things start in one week at 10am.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Ames Bros. Pins & Notepads

I know everyone is in Chicago waiting on Pearl Jam to take the stage, but before you get sucked into another Wrigley show, check out some goodies that Ames Bros put out this week.  They've released 14 enamel pins, most of them modeled after popular Pearl Jam posters.  They are available as a 4-pack (limited to 100 of each set) for $30 or a 1-pack (limited to 250 of each pin) for $10.  Shipping and handling is extra.

They've also released some cool notepads for @20 a piece.  The notepads are 5 1/4" x 8 3/8" and contain 192 pages of FSC certified Ivory paper lined with gray ink.  None say "Pearl Jam," but you'll recognize the designs from posters.

Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Wrigley Field Merch

Pearl Jam Addresses Their "Controversial" Poster

“The role of artists is to make people think and feel, and the current administration has us thinking and feeling,” Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament tells us of controversial Trump poster

No doubt many of you  have read about the growing "controversy" around a certain concert poster (seen below). Rolling Stone tweeted the above quote/photo and a link to their article which you can read in full here. One excerpt from the article states:

"The band posted the poster to its social media Tuesday with a note from Ament explaining the motivation behind it. "Y'all know the deal," he wrote under a sketch of the poster. "We're at a tipping point, and the it's time for action." He then called for Montana fans to support the reelection of Democratic Senator Jon Tester. "[He] is the real deal," Ament wrote. "Nobody cares more about our country and especially Montana.""

Whether you agree or disagree, this is no surprise. The band have never been shy about speaking out politically and they are no stranger to controversy. We'll see if this has any kind of lasting impact. But for now it's on with the show!

Pearl Jam still have upcoming, SOLD OUT, shows in Chicago and Boston.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Friday, August 10, 2018

Vault #8: Missoula, Montana, 8/29/2005

Pearl Jam has announced their eighth volume in their Vault Series today.  Just days before revisiting Missoula, you have the chance to pre-order Pearl Jam's 2005 performance in Missoula on a 3-record, vinyl release.

Fan Club members can get the full show for $50 (+S&H?) starting later today.

Pearl Jam at Safeco Field

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Drop in the Park Prints by Charles Peterson

Thanks to Inside the Rock Poster Frame for catching a special sale by artist 1XRUN.  For each of the seven Pearl Jam US shows, he will be releasing a limited run of prints by photographer, Charles Peterson, from the 1992 Drop in the Park concert.

The first print (above) is up for order now.

Pictures from The Museum of Popular Culture

Those of you outside of Seattle should visit the twitter account of our friend @guerrillacandy for more than 40 photographs from inside the Pearl Jam exhibit at Seattle's Museum of Popular Culture.

Live At The Orpheum Theatre Available on Vinyl

Newbury Comics has been given the opportunity to offer a limited run of the Pearl Jam's 1994 show at the Orpheum Theatre in Chicago (previously only available as part of the Vs./Vitalogy boxed set.

100 random fans will get a Fenway Colors variant with red and blue vinyl in celebration of Pearl Jam's upcoming Fenway shows.

Records are $27.99 (+$5.99 domestic S&H).  You can preorder now at Newbury Comics.

Pearl Jam at Safeco Field

Sunday, August 5, 2018

All The Seattle Merch!

Well, it's time to head down to Safeco Field and grab your merch for Pearl Jam's Home Shows!!  Pearl Jam tweeted out all of the available merch this morning.  Start planning your bank loans.