Friday, November 6, 2009

Ed Recommends Leatherman Book

When I first saw this brief letter by Eddie Vedder recommending that his listeners read The Old Leatherman by Dan W. DeLuca, I wasn't going to bother posting it.

Dear Listeners,

I was recently sent a book that I thought some of you more hardcore folks might find interesting.

It’s called The Old Leather Man written by Dan DeLuca. It is a detailed historical document all about this intense character who roamed the northeast on foot in the mid to late 1800s.

About twelve years ago on a winters day hike my friend Tim R., his kids and I stumbled upon one of his old caves. That night I was inspired to write not one but two songs about the man (the second, not so creatively titled "Leatherman II" was never released…definitely the more somber of the two).

While this book offers up his life and times in the most complete manner as possible, the mystery of Leather Man remains intact.

It’s also interesting to note the parallels between the Leather Man and Chris McCandless who we got to know through Into the Wild.

Just thought I’d pass it on…


October 23, 2009

... but then he mentioned a potential, future B-side, and I got all giddy.