Monday, March 29, 2010

Big Band, Little Footprint

As we've seen in the past, Pearl Jam will be donating money in an attempt to mitigate the CO2 generated by their touring.

Pearl Jam announced today that it will voluntarily mitigate carbon emissions from the band's 2009 world tour by partnering with the Cascade Land Conservancy (CLC), a national leader in urban forest restoration, to plant approximately 33 acres of native trees and plants in communities around the Puget Sound. Pearl Jam’s donation of $210,000 will fund the urban forestry project and mitigate more than 7,000 metric tons of carbon. Conservation International chief adviser, climate and water, Michael Totten estimates Pearl Jam’s actual carbon emissions from its 32-date 2009 tour to be 5,474 metric tons of CO2. The band will also track, calculate and mitigate its carbon for their current 2010 tour.

“A band on tour generates a lot of carbon,” said Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam’s guitarist and founder. “We are constantly moving, using carbon-dependent forms of transportation and a great deal of energy. Since 2003, we have elected to mitigate our carbon output by tracking and calculating our emissions and contributing money to projects that strategically work to improve the environment. We view this as a cost of doing business.”
Read on, and if you're so moved ... donate.