Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All That's Sacred, Episode #49

Episode #49 is now available.

Remember the other week when I said it pays to live in Seattle for all the side project gigs? Well, that was never truer than the last week or so. April 10th was the Team McCready global fundraiser with a surprise set from Mike at the Seattle event. Four days later was the marathon Brad gig at the Showbox featuring a huge number of special guests – including a reunited Mother Love Bone. The week ended and culminated back at the Showbox on Friday night with the first Soundgarden show in 13 years! I was lucky enough to be at all 3 events and continue recounting my observations and experiences on #49. 

The fun continues this week with Monday night’s surprise visit from Ed and Mike at the Conan O’Brien tour stop and Friday’s 8th Annual Flight To Mars benefit show. I missed the Team Coco appearance but am stoked to end the week reconnecting with friends for a night of facemelting by our favorite axeman.

As for music this week, I thought it was only appropriate to give Matt Cameron a little love before ending things with a fantastic Flight To Mars primer. Having featured all the other guys exclusively on the podcast, it’s long overdue to spotlight Matt and couldn’t be denied after Friday night. The guy is a stud and I’m blown away at how effortlessly he navigates differing musical territory.

One production note: I inadvertently recorded all my commentary at a lower bit rate and didn’t realize it until I was exporting to mp3. Given the length of my rambling chatter this week, there was no way I was rerecording at that point. It’s still very listenable but I just didn’t want you to think I had a sinus cold or had recently developed a noticeable lisp. 

Thanks for listening and thanks for sending me all your pictures for the fan collage to be featured as the image art for #52 – the one year anniversary of All That’s Sacred! Keep ‘em coming!

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