Sunday, March 25, 2012

Red Mosquito March-ish Madness

As the NCAA tournament enters the Sweet Sixteen, it is now time to look to Pearl Jam to fill your bracket void.  With 190 songs, Red Mosquito's March-ish Madness will keep you betting for a long time.  Which song will be Alive in The End?  Which song will Go Olé way?  Only time will tell.

Voting starts Monday on the Miscellaneous Songs Bracket.  The top two songs will move onto the Main Bracket.  

Here are your first round match-ups:

1. Drifting v Harmony
2. Stupid Mop v I've Got a feeling
3. I Just Wanna Have Something to Do v Angel
4. Love Reign O'er Me v 4/2/02
5. Let Me Sleep v Sonic Reducer
6. Jingle Bells v Untitled (I'm Still Here)
7. Someday at X-mas v Soon Forget
8. Brother v Pry To
9. Don't Gimme No Lip v Arc
10. Sunburn v Olympic Platinum
11. Cready Stomp v Whale Song
12. Evil Little goat v No More
13. Other Side v Puzzles and Games
14. Ol
é v Wishing Well
15. Aye Davanita v Santa Cruz
16. Sweet Lew v Bee Girl