Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ten Reissue or April Fools

Pearl Jam claims to be offering a great, clear vinyl reissue of Ten including the Redux. But given that this is the third vinyl item they've recently released that sold out before they emailed fans, we feel like they might be pranking us.
Ten Club is excited and honored to announce our collaboration with Newbury Comics’ Brighton Limited Press on a brand new vinyl exclusive... the double lp version of Pearl Jam's "Ten" (includes "Ten Redux")!

Our joint reissue of this classic album is pressed on 120 Gram, coke-bottle clear vinyl, in a foil-stamp numbered edition of 2,000 pieces.

Newbury Comics and Ten Club will each have 1,000 randomly assorted numbered lps for sale.

Out on April 15th
Is it real? You decide.