Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pearl Jam Announces New EP "Knowlden"

Pearl Jam has announced the release of a new six-song EP compiling some of the music left on the cutting room floor during the recording of their last three albums.  The album will be called Knowlden and it will be available in a variety formats starting Tuesday, April 15.

The band released a statement from guitarist, Mike McCready, today via their website.
I have been promising an EP to fans ever since No Code, and I decided that instead of stringing them along again in the promotion of Lightning Bolt, that I'd push the band to polish off a couple of these songs.  My song Navy Bean, is a Black Rebel Motorcycle-esque blues rocker, that has really evolved since I first penned it in 2000. This has really been a labor of love, and these songs will be as emotional to play live as Sirens.

1. Where's My Sponge? (Vedder/Vedder)
2. Alford Pleas (Vedder/Cameron)
3. Billy Billy Micropenis (Gossard/Gossard)
4. Of The Earth (Vedder/Ament)
5. Navy Bean (Vedder/McCready)
6. Cigarette Song I & II (Vedder/Vedder)

You can head over to Pearl Jam's On-line shop to pre-order any of the following formats, or to your local record shop on April 19th for the Record Store Day exclusive triple, colored, 7-inch boxed set.

  • CD - $8 + $7.99 domestic S+H
  • CD Ten Club Edition (with free access to the band's YouTube Channel) - $8 + $7.99 domestic S+H
  • 12" vinyl  - $21 + $9.99 domestic S+H
  • Digital Download (115 kpbs mp3, FLAC, HD FLAC, Pono) - prices vary
  • 3 Cassette Boxed Set with Trading Card Set - $125 (free shipping)