Friday, June 13, 2014

Details of Matt's New Supergroup Start to Flow

Dimitri Coats of Off! tweeted a teaser about a possible new side project with Matt Cameron (and Soundgarden's Ben Shepherd and Queens of the Stone Age's Alain Johannes) back in March.  Now, Coats has fleshed out a few more details in a interview with Billboard.

The name of the project still eludes us, but given that they are fleshing out at least ten songs, that may not last much longer.  You can read more about how these guys got together and about the project which was something that Matt Cameron had earlier worked on with Shepherd and Johannes, but abandoned more than five years ago in the Billboard article.


  1. Umm, shouldn't Matt be trying to focus on the two bands he's already in? And I'm utterly perplexed by his Soundgarden situation at this point. In the Spin article I thought it seemed like his contributions to Superunknown were kind of downplayed by Chris and Ben, and Mike McCready appear at a Holland show (I presume because he's already overseas for PJ), but Cameron does not. But then Matt plays the two NY Soundgarden shows. I just don't get it.

    1. Yeah the whole Matt situation has gotten weird. Grateful to have him in PJ but how much of this stuff has hamstrung what PJ can do