Monday, August 11, 2014

Vault #4 - Bellingham 2000

A welcomed surprise arrived in Ten Club member's inboxes this weekend, with Pearl Jam announcing that they are opening the Vault yet again and releasing the May 10th, 2000 performance from Bellingham, WA.

The warm up performance for the Binaural tour was left out of the original run of official bootlegs. It's not an entirely new recording for fans, a leaked copy has been circulating for years that was ripped from the Pearl Jam Radio live stream.

Ten Club members can pre-order a 3-LP 180 gram vinyl set now through September 10th, and the band says they hope to have them pressed and shipped by December or January. Non member will have an opportunity to purchase any remaining copies after the September 10th deadline. No word yet on when digital/CD copies will be made available.