Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Is Pearl Jam Ready To Take It To 11?

A year out from the release of Lightning Bolt, it is now, apparently, time to discuss Pearl Jam's eleventh studio album.  Rolling Stone recently interviewed Jeff, and though the discussion wasn't solely about the next album, they did pop the question.
I think everybody's got some stuff stowed away. All the stuff I've written recently is gonna go into the RNDM box with Joe Arthur. It's pretty easy for me at this point because we don't have kids, so when I'm home I'm tinkering in the studio all the time.
He also hit on his favorite venues (Joe Louis Arena, the Forum, Madison Square Garden, and Red Rocks), Pearl Jam's longevity (they're "winging it"), and Jeff's Montana Skatepark Association (offer your support here).

Check out the full article here.