Friday, January 2, 2015

Pearl Jam Announce 2015 Membership Gifts

Pearl Jam welcomed in 2015 with new gifts for Ten Club Analog Members.  This year members get the choice of a t-shirt or a pair of luggage tags.  Members get a code on their renewal date that can be used to order the item of their choice.

Analog Membership also includes the following benefits.

- Full Website Access
- Exclusive Streaming Content
- Ten Club Single MP3
- Deep Magazine PDF
- Members-only Contest Eligibility
- Members-only Merch Discount Events
- Access to Members-only Merch
- Access to Fan Club only Ticket Pre-sales
- Free Bootleg Download- Coupon code listed in “My Membership”
- Limited Edition Vinyl 45 Ten Club Single
- Limited Edition Hard Copy of Deep Magazine


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