Tuesday, August 18, 2015

One-of-a-Kind Skatedeck for Charity

Tony Hawk has partnered with Pearl Jam and several other musicians to create one-of-a-kind skateboards that will raise money for building new skate parks.
Professional skateboarder [...] Tony Hawk has partnered up with Ben Harper to create Boards + Bands, a fundraising initiative for Hawk’s eponymous foundation. Hawk hit up some of his skater buds, including Ryan Sheckler, Chad Ortiz and Nyjah Huston, to donate one of their boards and then pick one of their favorite songs. Harper then approached those musicians with one simple instruction: “Please write the lyrics to this skater’s favorite song on his skateboard, and we’ll use it to create more skateparks for kids.”
Pearl Jam (or more specifically, Jeff Ament) decorated a board used by Doug Saladino, which is currently going for half it's estimated value of $5000. If you'd like a shot at owning this board and supporting a great charity, you can bid here.