Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lots of Pearl Jam Merch News!

Pearl Jam's monthly newsletter had some great merchandise news.  First of all, for fans getting ready for the Global Citizen Festival can head by Volcom in Soho on September 22nd through the 27th to stock up on Pearl Jam goods.  Here are the important notes:
- There will be 4 different poster designs randomly released between Tuesday and Saturday. Posters are limited to 2 per design.

- The Volcom store will be the only location where you can purchase the full NYC PJ merchandise line that week.

- Inventory will be held back for each day Monday through Saturday. Any remaining inventory will be sold on Sunday.

If you still need a merchandise fix, Pearl Jam has also released their annual Halloween shirt in men's and women's sizes and some great camping gear including a hoodie, a boonie hat, and an enamel mug set.