Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pearl Jam Introduces On-Demand Shows via Nugs.net

Enjoy Pearl Jam Radio on the Ten Club site or SiriusXM but wish you had more control?  Today, Pearl Jam announced that you can now stream shows directly from nugs.net's subscription service.  It appears to be every tour since 2000.  We're still missing some key dates, like 2013's Chicago show at Wrigley's and 2011's PJ20 Destination Weekend, but there should still be hours and hours of live Pearl Jam whenever you need it.
Stream over 300+ Pearl Jam shows on demand now in the new nugs.net app. Listen to full concerts, make playlists of your favorite tracks, read & post reviews, and save shows for offline playback.

Sign up for a 7 Day Free Trial and subscribe for $12.99/month or $129.99/year for unlimited access to current and archived PJ shows.
Are there more shows in our future? Hang tight. At the current rate, the Vault will be fully open in 2635.