Thursday, March 10, 2016

Jeff, RNDM, and the Near Future of Pearl Jam

RNDM is, of course, on the road with some funky cool posters to collect.  Check 'em all out at Inside The Rock Poster Frame, the best rock poster blog out there.  At any rate, you've got a few more chances to catch them.

Since it IS Jeff's birthday, we should go ahead and report on a recent interview that we ignored because, ... well, we're busy.  Jeff sat down with Rolling Stone for an interview about his feelings about touring, recording, and Pearl Jam's 25th anniversary.  My quick summary should probably make clear why we've been silent about it until now.  If you don't trust me, read the interview here for yourself.

Is Pearl Jam working on a new album?  No plans.  It could happen at any time or maybe not.

Will Pearl Jam play any more albums front-to-back in concert this time around?  I don't know. 

If you are inducted into the Hall of Fame, how will you handle the "drummer thing?"  I don't know.  

Will Pearl Jam still be touring when you guys are in your 70s?  I don't know.  Maybe.