Monday, April 18, 2016

Pearl Jam Cancels Raleigh Show in Support of Transgendered Community

Shortly before taking the stage in Hampton, VA, Pearl Jam issued a statement cancelling Wednesday's show in Raleigh, North Carolina in opposition to North Carolina's passage of House Bill 2 which, among other things, eliminates legal protections against discrimination of gay, lesbian, and transgendered individuals as well at Veterans.

It is hard to say, given the deeply gerrymandered districts in North Carolina whether economic pressure on large, left-leaning cities will make a difference, but Pearl Jam has also donated money to several organizations in North Carolina working against this archaic bill.
Please join us in signing this petition to repeal HB2

N.C. Organizations We Are Supporting:
Some fans will, no doubt, be bitter of the loss of non-refundable travel costs but most will support the band's decision.  Some may even donate the money they would have spent on their tickets to those causes or to the campaign of our Governor's competitor.

Whichever side you fall on, you can join the debate on our Red Mosquito Forum.