Monday, August 1, 2016

Mother Love Bone Reissued

The Ten Club has announced that there will be a limited reissue of Mother Love Bone's music, spanning their full career.  It will be available in two formats a 3-LP set including the Shine EP and Apple LP or a 3-CD/1-DVD set including Shine, Apple, and 2 CDs worth of b-sides and alternative takes.  Both versions come with new artwork by Jeff Ament, contain a booklet with lyrics, credits, and rare photos, and are available for pre-purchase now with delivery expected this fall.

LP - $99.99 (plus $8.99 domestic S&H)
  • Shine EP - remastered vinyl 
  • Apple LP - remastered vinyl 
  • 24 page booklet - lyrics, credits, and rare photos 12" x 12" Envelope containing photo prints, 24 page zine, fold out poster, stencil and more! 
  • Vinyl set is packaged in a slipcase replicating a Mother Love Bone wall mural painted by Jeff Ament 
  • A very limited number of randomly selected vinyl box set packages will receive a rare Happy Holidays greeting card signed by each member of Mother Love Bone. These cards were uncovered from the Mother Love Bone / Love Co. deep archives.

  • Set Includes Apple and Shine on one disc - remastered for the first time by Ed Brooks at RFI Mastering 
  • Over 20 recordings that include rare B-sides, demos, alternative versions, and unreleased songs including Andrew Woods demo recording of Chloe Dancer and a live version of Stardog Champion featuring Chris Cornell and Pearl Jam. 
  • Love Bone Earth Affair DVD - available for the first time on DVD and includes bonus features of rare unseen live Mother Love Bone performances and more! 
    24 page booklet with lyrics, credits, and photos 

Here's the full set-list of the CD/DVD Boxed Set:

  1. This Is Shangrila 
  2. Stardog Champion 
  3. Holy Roller 
  4. Bone China 
  5. Come Bite The Apple 
  6. Stargazer 
  7. Heartshine 
  8. Captain Hi Top 
  9. Man Of Golden Words 
  10. Capricorn Sister 
  11. Gentle Groove 
  12. Mr. Danny Boy 
  13. Crown Of Thorns
  14. Thru Fade Away
  15. Mindshaker Meltdown
  16. Half Ass Monkey Boy 
  17. Chloe Dancer / Crown Of Thorns 
  1. Holy Roller 
  2. Bone China 
  3. Hold Your Head Up 
  4. Capricorn Sister 
  5. Zanzibar 
  6. Lady Godiva Blues 
  7. Red Hot Shaft 
  8. Seasons Changing (Live at the Plant) 
  9. Stardog Champion (Live at the Plant) 
  1. Lubricated Muscle Drive 
  2. Savwahfair Slide 
  3. Jumpin Jehova 
  4. Showdown 
  5. Bloodshot Ruby 
  6. Elijah 
  7. Chloe Dancer (Demo) 
  8. Have You Ever Kissed A Lady 
  9. Otherside 
  10. These R No Blues 
  11. Made Of Rainbows 
  12. Bloody Shame 
  13. One Time Fire 
  14. Stardog Champion featuring Chris Cornell and Pearl Jam (Live from Alpine Valley)
  1. Love Bone Earth Affair 
  2. Captain Hi Top Music Video 
  3. Half Ass Monkey Boy (Live from the Oz) 
  4. I'm In Love With My Car (Live from the Oz) 


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