Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cornell: A Feeling of Loss

The outpouring of love and loss from our members continues.  Thank you, to guest blogger, VinylGuy, for another heartfelt piece.

This is the first time the death of a musician really hurts. It was not Cobain, It was not Layne...i was expecting that one. Chris Cornell has been around in my life since i was what..11? I still remember watching those Soundgarden videos and feeling all kind of different emotions... I still remember the first time i listened to Seasons... I still remember going to bed at night and listen to the radio premiere of Cant Change Me in my walkmans..i still feel the exitement of going to Alpine Valley and see Cornell coming to the stage. Its was magical...his solos shows? my god...the last one i saw last year, in this huge theatre, was another landmark.

Its impossible not to feel this loss as personal to me, pretty much every moment of my life has been determined with a song from him, from Outshined to Like Suicide to Zero Chance...and the saddest thing of his departure is the overall feeling that this is the end. We got Chris fronting Mad Season and Temple Of The Dog, celebrating their lost friends but also celebrating life. We made it. We are survivors. We won.

Now, Soundgarden is gone, Chris is gone..who know what will happen with PJ. That feeling is lost.

I will miss him very much.