Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pearl Jam 2000 - 2006 Reissues

Pearl Jam has announced today plans to reissue Binaural, Riot Act, and Pearl Jam (Avocado) on vinyl as well as six vinyl singles (Light Years, Nothing As It Seems, Save You, I Am Mine, Bu$hleaguer, and Live Wasted).  Each album is available for $24.99 (plus $10.99 domestic S+H), and the singles are $8.99 (plus $6.99 domestic S+H).  Everything has been remastered, and Pearl Jam has been remixed by Brendan O'Brien.

They have also announced the release of a $350, 17 pound boxed set including all ten of their studio albums on vinyl.  The announcement does not mention which version of each album is available, but the likelihood is, you'll be getting the 2009 remaster of Ten, the 2011 remasters of Vs. and Vitalogy, the 2016 remasters of No Code and Yield, the new remasters of Binaural and Riot Act, and the new remaster of Pearl Jam (Lightning Bolt is now the only album without multiple versions).

If you love that boxed set, but already own all the albums or you can't order them b/c all 500 have already sold out, you can also score the box without the albums for $44.99 (plus $13.99 domestic S+H).

The official release date for everything but the empty box is November 11th, 2017.