Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Soundgarden's A-Side Vinyl Reissue

This week, Record Store Day issued their official list of releases slated for this April 21st.  It's a great list, with lots of great stuff.  Check it out.

Of the 420 items hitting your local stores next month, only one has a tie to Pearl Jam.  Matt Cameron's side-band, Soundgarden, will be releasing 5,000 copies of A-Sides on vinyl (2-LPs).
A-Sides is a compilation album with songs spanning the band's thirteen-year career. It was released on November 4th 1997 through A&M Records. It was Soundgarden's last official release for 13 years, until 2010's Telephantasm. It contains one song absent from previous albums ("Bleed Together") which appeared on import copies of the "Burden In My Hand" single. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME A-SIDES HAS BEEN AVAILABLE ON VINYL.