Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Coming Soon! The Anywhere Shows Podcast

Good news, guys!  Music journalist and rabid Pearl Jam fan, Travis Hay, is teaming up with Jeremy from the Ear Goggles podcast, to bring us a Pearl Jam centric podcast, The Anywhere Shows.
We’ll cover the fan culture surrounding the band, the band’s charitable causes, the band’s music and much, much more. It’s a podcast for Pearl Jam fans by Pearl Jam fans about the experience of being a Pearl Jam fan and what exactly that means, if it means anything at all, in 2018.

Each episode will also feature a guest, or guests, who have some connection to Pearl Jam and we’ll be shooting the breeze about why the band is important to them. It’s going to be a limited run of maybe six or seven episodes, depending on how lining up guests goes, celebrating an important Seattle institution.
Their first episode, featuring Steven Migs, co-host of The BJ and Migs morning show on 99.9 KISW, will be available at Guerrilla Candy later this month.