Thursday, August 16, 2018

Pearl Jam Addresses Their "Controversial" Poster

“The role of artists is to make people think and feel, and the current administration has us thinking and feeling,” Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament tells us of controversial Trump poster

No doubt many of you  have read about the growing "controversy" around a certain concert poster (seen below). Rolling Stone tweeted the above quote/photo and a link to their article which you can read in full here. One excerpt from the article states:

"The band posted the poster to its social media Tuesday with a note from Ament explaining the motivation behind it. "Y'all know the deal," he wrote under a sketch of the poster. "We're at a tipping point, and the it's time for action." He then called for Montana fans to support the reelection of Democratic Senator Jon Tester. "[He] is the real deal," Ament wrote. "Nobody cares more about our country and especially Montana.""

Whether you agree or disagree, this is no surprise. The band have never been shy about speaking out politically and they are no stranger to controversy. We'll see if this has any kind of lasting impact. But for now it's on with the show!

Pearl Jam still have upcoming, SOLD OUT, shows in Chicago and Boston.