Monday, December 3, 2018

A Bubble to Burst, Featuring Jeff Ament

Today, The Missoulian reports that Montana musician, David Boone, is preparing to release a new album, A Bubble to Burst, with a song featuring Jeff Ament.  The first single for his album is called Country Song, and the b-side, Work in Progress features a bass line by Jeff Ament.
David Boone has never thought small. The singer-songwriter's talent and drive were strong enough that he once sold out the Wilma, an unprecedented move for a local artist. When he wanted to pursue success outside Montana, he recorded an album with Danton Supple, a producer with credits on albums by Coldplay and Morrissey.

Now, after serious health problems sidelined him for years, sometimes unable to remember his own songs, Boone is releasing new music again, and he aimed high. On his new single, "Country Song," and "Work in Progress," he recorded with Supple, who flew from London. The bass line on the latter track was supplied by part-time Missoula resident Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam.
You can listen to Boone's latest single wherever you listen to such things, or you can pre-order his new album here.