Friday, February 7, 2020

VIDEO: Dance Of The Clairvoyants: Mach III

A third video for Dance of the Clairvoyants hit YouTube today.  Pearl Jam is calling this their "first official music video in 7 years," so we are left to guess that the previous two videos were steps in a process that gave us this, their final, video for the song.

Produced by: Evolve Studios (
Executive Produced by: Tim Bierman, Joel Edwards
Studio Director: Ryan Cory
Studio Director of Photography: Derek Klein, Ryan Cory
Studio Crew: Ryne Hill, Eric Finlon, Matt Michel
Studio Grip: Jay Rinehart

Olympic Studios Seattle

Audio Engineer: John Burton
Backline Technicians: Neil Hundt, George Webb
Stylist: Tammy Baker
Production Assistant: Kevin Shuss

Edited by: Seth Evans
Produced by: Joseph Bastien
Lead VFX by: Ryan Trommer
Post Team: Braden Winfree, Aaron Wheeler, Jake Helton, Tanner Larson, Kendall Rittenour
Footage by: Filmsupply (
Cinematography by: Evolve, Kendall Rittenour, Aaron Seldon, Joel Edwards, Jesse Edwards, Stephen Johnson, Nick Midwig, Dustin Farrell, Enrique Pacheco, Joseph Large, Mike Olbinski, Tomi Rantanen, Tyler McGrath, Brooklyn Aerials, Elevation Film, Variable, Sypher