Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2021, #2


A retired Pearl Jam blogger recently asked me, "when you started doing this, did you ever expect to be reporting on Olivia Vedder news?"  I did not, and yet, here we are ... big news in the Pearl Jam world this year was all about Eddie's daughter Olivia and her impressive vocals on "My Father's Daughter" written by her father and Glen Hansard and featured on the soundtrack for Sean Penn's film, Flag Day.

The soundtrack was a bit uneven, but featured unquestionable gems by both Vedders, Hansard, and Cat Power, including a cover of REM's "Drive" by Eddie Vedder.  In a world where we've been desperate for any music by our favorite artists, this was as close to a Pearl Jam album as 2021 got.

You can try to hate this album because Olivia Vedder started a mini family legacy with it, but you'll love it in the end.  Pick up the album on vinyl or CD here.