Monday, February 7, 2022

Neil (Volume 1) by Scott the Hoople

In 2020, Oregon musician, Scott McCaughey, with the help of Mike McCready, recorded a collection of Neil Young songs after using Young's music as a path to recovery from a stroke called Neil (Volume 1).

That collection is now available as a limited edition double vinyl or compact disc release via Bandcamp.

When I had a major stroke three years ago, I lost my ability to talk, sing, make music. As I found my way back, I turned to the songs I had a best chance at recalling, music somewhere deep in the recesses of what was left of me. The Beatles and Neil were my subterranean lode ... words and chords COULD be unearthed if I tried hard and often enough. 
When this homegrown effort started taking shape, in the bowels of 2020, I consciously swerved away from much of the best known Neil songs to me, and the casual listener. Digging deeper, like I had tried to cough up favorite songs in the ditch of my fucked-up brain. 
Neil is so many things. I wanted to represent some of them. But, I also decided, hey, call it Volume One. There are a thousand more songs...
The collection was recorded at McCready's Hockeytalkter Studios, with Mike playing lead guitar on seven of the tracks.