Friday, May 13, 2022

Josh Klinghoffer, Richard Stuverud, and Some Guy Named Josh Arroyo

Pearl Jam opened their Oakland show last night with ... checks notes ... Rockin' in the Free World, and that wasn't even the craziest thing that happened last night!

Missing his first Pearl Jam show in 24 years, Matt Cameron had to sit out last night's show due to a case of COVID-19, and fans have lost their minds.  Touring guitarist and Pluralone frontman, Josh Klinghoffer, and friend of the band, Richard Stuverud, took turns behind the set throughout the show.

Fans have absolutely loved the change up.  By all accounts, both musicians did an amazing job.  Is Matt Cameron nervous or is that just COVID making him sweat?  Check out a few videos from last night.

And then, making one fan's dreams come true, Jeff spotted a fan in the audience with the names of the Pearl Jam drummers on his shirt, and it turns out, that guy could play drums.  So the band brought him on stage, introduced Josh Arroyo to the world, and proceeded to close the concert with him playing drums on Yellow Ledbetter.

CDC's COVID-19 protocols currently call for five days of isolation, so Matt will definitely miss tonight's show in Oakland and possibly the show in Fresno on Monday, so are we in store for more craziness?  Are Jack Irons and Dave Abbruzzesse busy?  Isn't Matt Chamberlain hanging out with Stone lately?  Where is Jimmy Shoaf?

And most importantly, does Josh Arroyo have tickets for tonight's show?