Thursday, April 27, 2023

Brad's In The Moment That You're Born

Loosegroove Records has announced the upcoming release of Brad's final album, In The Moment That You're Born, featuring the band's late singer, Shawn Smith.
Brad "In The Moment That You're Born" out today. This is a new song and the title track from the 7th (and final) Brad LP 'In The Moment That You're Born' available July 28, 2023. Pre-order vinyl now.

This is the first new music from BRAD in over a decade and is being released 30 years to the day that their debut album Shame was released in 1993.
The album is available on vinyl (and eventually digital) only.  You can pick up black vinyl at most outlets or an Indie Exclusive pink LP or Brooklyn Vegan's white LP.  

Make sure you check out the first single in the video above or in the streaming service of your choosing.