Thursday, May 8, 2008

Website Makeover

Things are a little different around here. We've been working a long time behind the scenes to put together what we think is a pretty slick website. There are many changes visually as well as to the features of the site itself. There are so many changes, it would not be possible to include them all in one post, so we'll point out a few of the big things to take note of.

* News is now in a blogging style layout instead of a forum. You can still make comments on any news item by going to the bottom of the article.
* The site is now integrated with the forum. When you use the login box at the top of the page, it logs you on to the forum and the site as a whole as well. This means once you log in, you can post in the forum as well as use other site-specific features without having to log in twice.
* Ticket Market is back with a new format. Set up as sort of a classifieds section, you can post about all your ticket needs and exchanges.
* Set your attendance to shows in the Setlist Archive. Want to tell everyone you're going to a show and also see who else will be there? Check out the show page in the setlists and set your attendance to all future shows, as well as going back to older shows as saying you were there.
* Chat is back! The much requested chat room is back! You must be logged in to see and use this feature.
* JamBox is a new feature that will be growing as we add new audio to the site. It will be an extensive audio source for listening to Pearl Jam tunes. Right now there are only a few songs, but it will be getting much bigger so stay tuned!

As you will see we are still transferring over quite a bit of data from the old wiki. It will take some time to get everything moved over, but we wanted to go ahead and make the new site available for everyone. You can still view the old wiki site here if you are looking for some information. Please note however that site is no longer being updated. All new updates will be made on the new site.
There are many other features and changes and because there has been such a large makeover we may run into a problem or two that need to be ironed out. If you notice a problem or have a question, please feel free to let us know about it. Go to the Announcements on the Forum and give us your feedback!