Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Backspacer Artwork and Release Date Announced

We had heard a lot of rumors.  We had a lot of them confirmed.  One thing that we had not hear and were not prepared for what Conan's reveal of the artwork for Pearl Jam's ninth album, Backspacer.  Hopefully, a better screen capture is on the way, but feel free to stare at this photo for hours and draw whatever conclusions you'd like.

EDIT (8:50am ET): Also, TwoFeetThick posted more of the recent interview with Kelly Curtis who states that Backspacer is tentatively dated for September 22nd, and that we may want to look for that recent Showbox performance (including a performance of Sonic Reducer) to be released as bonus material.

EDIT (8:58am ET): OK, I try to get things up fast around here, so I post first and ask questions later.  It appears as though that might be the artwork for a "Get Some" single and NOT the album, Backspacer.

Discussion about Backspacer continues here ...