Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Got Some," 3 1/2 Stars

 In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, Jon Dolan gave a brief review of Pearl Jam's performance of Got Some on The Tonight Show.

Eddie Vedder and crew rolled out their new campaign on Conan O'Brien's debut Tonight Show with a blazing grunge rambler that promises "got some if you need it" and rips its streamlined even flow from consumerism-satirizing punks Devo.  Vedder's self-loathing is nothing if not grandiose.  And "Got Some" is nothing if not a reminder that Pearl Jam remain the gran old men of big-box ambivalence (whether or not they made a deal with Target, as has been reported).  Vedder's bellow is pithy and pissy, and Stone Gossard and Mike McCready knock out splayed-crotch guitar fire to scorch the mall parking lot.

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