Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jamcast Updates

Hey folks, just catching up from vacation (and yes, we're working on finding you a back-up blogger for the future).  I will probably post a nice round-up of the last week, but in the meantime, keep yourself busy with these podcast episodes that were released last week.

All That's Sacred #12

How exciting is it to be a Pearl Jam fan right now? A flurry of recent press, a taste of Tom Tomorrow’s incredible artwork for the album, a new demo of the track Speed of Sound, plus the tour kicking off this weekend! And today being a Wednesday, it’s time for another episode of All That’s Sacred! As promised, #12 features listener-suggested songs from past European gigs to get our friends across the pond amped and ready for their upcoming shows.

Many thanks for y’all continuing to check out the podcast – especially at times like now when there is so much PJ-related stuff vying for your attention. I love hearing from other fans and welcome you to send me an email or make a comment on the site post. You can also follow and contribute to the podcast on Twitter and Facebook. Everyone stay safe, take care of your neighbor, and have a blast at the shows!

Given To Cast, August 7th, 2009

The latest episode of Given To Cast is up and ready to go.

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Show notes:

The Week in Review

Song of the Week - "Speed of Sound" EV Demo

Interview with a Fan: Donny, Host of All That's Sacred podcast

Cover Song: "Betterman" by Sugarland

Contest Winner