Friday, August 21, 2009

Charles Peelle's 60 Days of Pearl Jam: The Halftime Report

Charles Peelle of the Indianapolis Pop Culture Examiner came out of nowhere last month with an announcement that he was going to celebrate Pearl Jam's release of Backspacer with a post every day until September 22nd.  Although he hasn't quite posted every day, he has, thus far, managed to rank 160 Pearl Jam songs.  The Herculean task of embeding 160+ YouTube videos deserves a round of applause in and of itself.  Anyhow, you can review the list here.  You can find the full list of songs on our forum, but reading Charles' write-ups and watching the videos has been a pleasure.  Even if you don't agree with Charles, he clearly knows and loves Pearl Jam as much as anyone could.  If your ADHD is so bad that you just want to see the list and move on, go ahead and search it out, but I'm not going to link directly to it.  

What's next?

Stay tuned next week as the 60 Days of Pearl Jam continue with a countdown summary, a review of Chicago 2 (if only I could attend both nights!), the fan-voted Top Pearl Jam song compilation list and more. Later I will also be ranking the studio albums, examining the band's history and members and taking an intense look at the spiritual experience that is Live Pearl Jam. I hope you will continue with me on this wild ride, as we grow ever closer to the release of Backspacer. Thank you all one more time.