Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All That's Sacred, Episode #32

Episode #32 is now available.

With Christmas looming so close, I wonder what kind of listenership to expect this week for episode #32. I don’t really have that great of expectations, but I hope most of you find a moment to break away from the craziness of the holiday to tune in to this week’s podcast. This week is notable because every single song was requested by one of you in your own voice! As I had hoped, the voicemail has added a new dimension of connection and interaction to the podcast. It’s nice to have your additional input and perspective and I appreciate you all being game enough to try it out. Most importantly though, there is some great Pearl Jam music being explored here.

Next week is the last podcast of 2009 and I want to end things with a BANG! I can think of only one way to accomplish that and that’s by featuring songs where Mike McCready is shredding guitar and melting faces! I got a list started but, as always, I’d really like some help from you listeners. If you got something to contribute, please contact me by email, Facebook, Twitter, or check out the voicemail at 707-SACRED9 (707-722-7339).

Have wonderful holiday weekend and see you next week to ring in the New Year!

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