Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pearl Jam iPhone App

Now you can keep all things Pearl Jam in your pocket for two measly bucks with the new Pearl Jam iPhone App.

Here's a list of features from the Ten Club
  • Check out the latest news from Pearl Jam
  • Join the Ten Club
  • Access to your Ten Club member account from anywhere
  • Modify your Ten Club online profile
  • A comprehensive collection of every song Pearl Jam has created -- including snippets for most songs
  • Detailed track data with snippets for every album on iTunes
  • Song details including set lists for live performances, lyrics and more
  • Releases and one stop shopping for all official Pearl Jam album
Official Pearl Jam YouTube videos
  • Interactive record player with 3 bundled songs from Backspacer
Tour Features
  • Upcoming tour dates
  • Past set lists -- giving you mobile access to a chronology of every song ever played live by Pearl Jam
  • Tour map with live updates of tour information
  • Tour photos with pinch, zoom and flick abilities
  • Dynamic show beacon that blinks in time to the ambient sound while at a concert or rocking out in your own home
Community Features
  • Complete access to the Pearl Jam forums
  • Ability to post and ready almost anywhere Read and share in the Pearl Jam community anywhere your iPhone or iPod Touch takes you.