Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All That's Sacred, Episode #35

Episode #35 is now available.

With things so slow and quiet, I decided episode #35 was a great time to explore an idea I’ve been sitting on for a while now. We are getting in to the movie award season and it seemed like an appropriate time to revisit some of the many movie soundtrack contributions by Pearl Jam and related side projects. While some of these are in regular rotation on my iPod, there were also a few that I hadn’t listened to in years making for a fun rediscovery. 

Eddie Vedder’s solo contributions to movie soundtracks are noticeably absent here. In compiling the material, I realized that there was enough there to fill a podcast by itself. So next week we are going to do just that. 

I know the theme is a little easy and repetitive but the timing works well with my upcoming travel schedule. We’ll get back to some listener-suggested tunes on #37 in a couple of weeks. If you have any input in the meantime, contact me via emailFacebookTwitter, or leave a comment on the site. Or if you’re feeling brave, holler at me on the podcast voicemail at 707-SACRED9 (707-722-7339).

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