Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All That's Sacred, Episode #39

Episode #39 is now available.

While all is still quiet on the Pearl Jam news front, I figured this week would be an opportune time to further explore the influence of Ed’s favorite band and Super Bowl entertainers: The Who. The Who’s influence on the band – and Ed especially – is undeniable and well-documented. Despite already featuring a number of Who covers on the podcast, there is still a lot of material available to showcase. We also take the occasion to bust out a Six Degrees of PJ tune that clearly demonstrates that, in their prime, The Who were indeed the World’s Greatest Rock Band.

I plan to get to many listener suggestions in the near future so bear with me if you haven’t heard your request that you submitted. On that note, I want to put the call out for some help with a theme I’d like to explore. A few weeks ago, I off-handedly said songs that explore escapism and use road imagery could be an entire podcast in itself. Having had some time to let the idea marinate, I think that could be a great show. Coming up with the songs is easy – MFC, RVM, Thumbing My Way, Gone, etc. What I really need help with is specific versions you all think are the best and why. I can’t wait to see what y’all suggest and uncover. I’m already looking forward to this in the coming weeks.

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