Friday, February 26, 2010

Curt Tomasevicz to Win Olympic Platinum

 I don't know Team USA Bobsledder Curt Tomasevicz's Red Mosquito username, but surely he has one.  In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, he has professed some serious Pearl Jam love.

Basically, I love the ’90s alternative/grunge style. I like music with energy and emotion, whether that emotion is hate, love, rage, or sadness. I really appreciate great instrument talent, i.e. great guitar playing. Some people can seem to make a guitar talk and sing. Some of my favorite songs don’t need lyrics, just a long jam session with great guitar.

Before I compete, I listen to Pearl Jam, Rearview Mirror Disc 1. The songs get me going and build my adrenaline. Pushing a bobsled is one big burst of energy, so I need to build my focus to climax at one brief moment. This type of music does that for me.

I play bass guitar and love just jamming and playing for hours to great songs. My dream day would be a jam session with Pearl Jam. Could that be arranged?
Apparently, Better Man and Yellow Ledbetter are on Curt's iPod playlist just prior to take off.  Glad to hear the Pearl Jam is doing their part to add to the USA medal count!