Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All That's Sacred, Episode #52

Episode #52 is now available.

This tour might be short, but the guys are definitely making the most of each show. Nightly, I'll check the set lists from the west coast and find my mouth agape as I read. Usually by the encore my jaw will just completely give way and shatter on the ground! My envy of the lucky ones in attendance grows exponentially and has me glowing a healthy shade of green. Unbelievable.

Seems only appropriate to end the run with a two night stand on the biggest stage and in the biggest city in the country: Madison Square Garden in New York City. To help prepare for this occasion, #53 takes a look back at a few memorable moments from past NYC/MSG gigs. As good as some of these are, I can only imagine what people are in store for this time around given the momentum of the big wave the boys are riding into these last two shows. 

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